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My life in ziploc bags

I fly out tomorrow for Hood To Coast so I thought I’d give you a peek into my packing. When I got picked for the nuun team everyone started giving me packing tips. The one I received most often was: pack everything in ziploc bags. So I’ve packed clothing for each leg in its own ziploc. I’ll open it up, get dressed, run and then when I get back to the van I can take those stinky clothes of and seal them up in that ziploc. You can’t tell from the pictures,but each of those “leg bags” as I’ve been calling them has a dryer sheet in it as well.

Leg Bags:

Leg 1: pink top,camo skirt,black sports bra,white socks,pink sweaty band headband

Leg 2 (my night leg): bright green top,black bra, orange safety vest,black capri,lime green socks,lime headband

Leg 3: black top,camo skirt (yes,I own two!),white bra,white socks, black headband

Shoes: 2 pairs of running shoes 

Hygiene bag: 4 white hand towels, baby wipes,mini lysol, dry shampoo

First Aid bag: camo band aids, 3 arctic ease wraps, biofreeze/mission skincare muscle rub,gold bond body powder,mini tums

Cool weather bag: light reflective rain zip up, yoga pants, black zip up,beanie

Extra/lounge bag: 2 pair CEP compression socks, 1 pair CEP calf sleeves, 2 extra pair socks, capris and extra comfy shirt, black nike slide on sandals,tank

Black cosmetics bag: contact solution, glasses, toothbrush,toothpaste,chapstick, Body Glide, deodorant,mini bar of soap,hair bands,brush,lotion,motrin

Accessories bag: fun camo accessories for me and team.hat,sunglasses,gloves

Others: The Stick, camera, garmin, walkman, handheld waterbottle w/Honey Stinger chews, 2 outfits jeans/tshirts to wear around Seattle/fly home in, watch,knuckle lights w/batteries,safety pins


The only thing not pictured is my phone w/charger and then I’m undecided on a pillow. If I have room I may pack a small one, if not I’ll wing it. Thankfully Mel is letting me borrow a sleeping bag, so I wont have to fly with one. We’ll also have some nuun gear when we get up there, so I tried not to pack too many extra tops.

Ok people, what am I missing? What do I need?

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My life in ziploc bags + YOGA