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Why yes, they WILL make you faster

I’m sure by now most of you have entered my Brooks T7 Racer giveaway. If you haven’t, then CLICK HERE, today is the last day to enter. Along with offering YOU a pair of super speedy shoes, was gracious enough to send me a pair to test out. Maybe they had heard I’m busting my butt to get faster, or maybe my love of shoes is well known in the online community. Whatever the reason, I was super stoked to have this sweet pair of kicks show up at my door step.


I pulled them out of the box and was immediately surprised with how lightweight they were. Of course I stopped what I had been doing and eagerly slipped them on. I quickly realized there was a slight problem. I had ordered these racing flats to fit snugly, unfortunately my feet are two different sizes. The left side fit great, but the right was just too tight. I resisted the urge to take them for a run anyway, and notified that I needed a bigger pair. This was my first experience with their company, and I was super impressed with how easy and fast it was to exchange them. I got in a larger size and was ready to take on some miles.

The BEST thing about these shoes is how they’re light enough for you to forget you even have them on, BUT you aren’t able to forget about them completely because they’re just so darn flashy. I’m a huge Brooks fan, and these shoes certainly let the world know it.

I’ll be honest. I broke one of the cardinal rules of running shoes. I’ve actually worn these shoes out and about, not on a run. That’s something I never do with my running shoes, but darn it if there’s not something about these shoes that scream to be taken out of the closet. And on those times, when I’ve taken them for a spin in the non-running world, they definitely get attention. I wore them to physical therapy recently and had the whole office drooling over them. In fact, I even took them off and people passed them around to feel how light they were….and of course to admire the sparkly laces.


So….the important question: Do they make me faster? Sure they do. Is it their weight? Is it the off set, anatomical lacing? Is it the racing stripe inspired flames on the back?


Or is it simply that they make me SMILE which makes me RUN HAPPY?

Its probably a combination of all of those, but who cares, as long as I’m zipping along then I don’t need to know the science behind it.

You can get find out more about these speedy shoes HERE.

Disclaimer: gave me these shoes, however the review,and smile that comes from wearing them,are entirely my own.

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Why yes, they WILL make you faster + shoes