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I'm Pregnant, But I Just Feel Fat

The sub-title to this post: What to Wear When Your Regular Clothes Start to Feel Tight, But You Can't Quite Fill Out Maternity Threads Just Yet.

Part of my issues with clothing these days is that I'm almost 10 weeks knocked up.

The other rest of my issues come from a variety of things, things like lacking motivation to be my usual runner self and a scary addiction to Ramen noodles.

But hey - what other nine months in my life will I have to relish in being lazy while giving in to the sugar-fat-salt cravings with little to no guilt?

Most of my running clothes are still comfy since they're made with a bit of room to begin with. But the rest of my wardrobe - skinny jeans from Gap, snug-fitting crew neck t-shirts from Target, and button-down oxfords from J. Crew are fast becoming a thing of the past (for now).

Time for A New Wardrobe. Only problem? I'm still too small for maternity stuff, but have to nearly pour myself into my regular digs.

There's apparently exists a Purgatory for Newly Pregnant Women. It's an uncomfortable environment made up of muffin tops and spillage from ever-increasing-in-size boobs.

My solution for the summer: live in said Purgatory wearing more or less nothing but empire-waisted dresses, flowing tops, and stretchy skirts.

RoadAgainMom - Judi, Big J - and I took to the shops on Sunday to stockpile a few Purgatory Necessities. I've also picked up a few other key pieces recently to make it through this awkward phase.

(I would've modeled them, but let's be serious - it's nearly 1 p.m., and I haven't even showered or brushed my teeth yet. Long live summer vacation!)

For casual jaunts around town and the occasional summer BBQ:

Converse OneStar dress from Target ($15 on clearance!)

For wedding and baby showers, nice dinners, and perhaps Kevin's 10-year reunion:

Max Studio dress from Marshall's ($40)

Another casual dress just for hanging out and being comfortable:

Mercer & Madison dress from Marshall's ($20)

For summer and maybe fall weddings or perhaps to Kevin's reunion (I like having a lot to choose from!):

Ann Taylor LOFT Outlet dress ($16 - total bargain!)

For summer weekends on the boat:

J. Crew Outlet dress ($25)

And another one for weddings or other general fancy pants-type events:

Lauren Conrad dress from Kohl's ($45) - actually got this one last summer!

A few longer and non-restrictive tops from Old Navy (purchased with a Groupon):

($9.50, but I only paid about $4 with the Groupon!)

($15, but maybe about $8 with the Groupon?)

And one nice stretchy banded skirt to accommodate the muffin top:

H&M skirt ($13)

If things get any worse, I may just be purchasing an entire collection of muu muus. Yikes!

I Love Your Recs! Any other tips on where to find affordable fashion for summer, stuck in Pregnant Purgatory or Not?

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I'm Pregnant, But I Just Feel Fat + summer fun