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PTSOTW: The Final Countdown

In another effort to exploit the magical feelings of euphoria that I'm experiencing in the lead-up/countdown to Kalamazoo, today's song features powerhouse lyrics, lots of synthesizers, and big hair. Really Big Eighties Hair.

It's... "The Final Countdown" by the 80's cheeseballs band Europe.

Sidebar: Why did so many musical acts in the 80's have one-word names oftentimes reflecting some place in the world? Europe, Boston, America, Chicago... apparently, though, no one thought it'd be cool to be called Antarctica or Mozambique. Too many syllables, not enough sex appeal, I guess.

And, just because I love and miss Arrested Development, here's the song again in Gob's magician show intro:

Don't Go Yet! I Need YOUR Help This Week... I'm assembling a master PTSOTW playlist for Sunday's race, and I'd love to hear your suggestions! Send me a title, the name of an artist, or link to a cool video for a song that gets you race-ready!

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