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The scale doesn't lie?..

Or does it?

Yesterday morning I stepped on the scale and then quickly stepped off in frustration.

I went into the living room and complained to Charles: "You know, it's really hard to stay motivated when I'm eating well and working out and I manage to GAIN weight. What's the point? Why am I even doing this?!"

He answered... and I honestly couldn't even tell you what he said. I wasn't listening. Those words coming out of my mouth were a bit of a wake up call. I mentally shook myself.

Here's the reality of the situation: There is more to this journey than the number on my scale. It's a "tool" to measure progress, but it's not the only tool I own. It's not the deciding factor on success or failure.

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Instead of measuring my success by a number on the scale, what if I measured it by how I feel?

I've been really proud of myself this past week. I've eaten well without being restrictive. I've put in some great runs that not only show progress in the speed department, but more importantly, I enjoyed them.

Mentally and physically I've felt better this past week then I have in months. So sure, that number was a bit higher then I'm used to seeing, but that doesn't make me a failure.

It simply means I'm a work in progress. And really, aren't we all? I refuse to live or die by a silly little number. Instead, I choose to take things one day at a time, doing the best I can on that day.

Today is MY day to be healthy. And guess what: Its YOUR day too.

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The scale doesn't lie?.. + weight loss