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Moving Comfort Sports Bra Giveaway

I've turned into a bit of a running gear junkie. I'm always on the lookout for the *best* apparel for me and my body. Sports bras have always been a tough category for me. I'm a 36D so I need something that offers tons of support. I've gone the "double up" route, but that is uncomfortable. I recently pledged my alligence to another bra, only to find out it didn't hold up so well after 10+ miles. (hello chaff city)

Moving Comfort generously sent me a couple of their sports bras to test out. I spent some time browing their site and was instantly impressed with the variety. They offer bras for different size women as well as bras for all sorts of activities. Their bra finder is especially helpful. You can put in your preferences, size and activity level and it will give you style suggestions. You can check it out HERE.

The first bra I tested out the Fiona.

The absolute BEST feature of this bra is the adjustable front straps. I feel like this is an area most sports bra makers overlook. Sure, I WISH my boobs were at the same level as they were when I was 17, BUT reality is they migrated south after a year of breast feeding. So being able to adjust the straps was a HUGE bonus. The bra is comfortable yet supportive. I also love that its available in a variety of colors.

I also tried out the Juno.


The Juno has the same AWESOME adjustable front strap feature, but these straps are wider and ever so slightly cushioned in the shoulder area. Anyone with a large chest knows how painful bra straps can be sometimes, so I appreciate the extra thought that went into the strap design. Additionally the cups are very lightly molded which means no ummm... .errrrr... ."headlights" will be on display come race day. An adjustable back rounds out my list of favorite features. This bra is fully supportive and definitely holds up to high impact.

The only downside I found with these two bras is the price. Each bra runs close to $50 (some styles are less). BUT I firmly believe this is one area where you get what you pay for. The bras are worth the price. AND, if I take into account that I had been doubling up on bras (so 2x the $$) the price actually evens out.

"Moving Comfort believes a good sports bra is just as important as a good pair of running shoes. "


Moving Comfort is a sponsor of Rock N Roll San Antonio. In celebration of my first marathon they are giving you a chance to win a sports bra of your own. The giveaway ends 11/12 at midnight. There are several ways to win, please leave a SEPERATE comment for EACH entry.

1. Check out and tell us what style you would like to win. If you already wear Moving Comfort, tell us what style is your favorite.

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