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When BEST doesn't = FASTEST

With my first marathon looming (3 weeks away), I am constantly reevaluation my goals. I won't lie: At the beginning of this training cycle I wanted to run a 4:15 marathon. I was sure I could do it, BUT I was also pretty sure that I could have an injury free training cycle.

Shortly into the training plan, when it became obvious that there was no quick fix for the nerve issue in my heel and constantly being in pain was DEFINITELY wearing on my physically and mentally,I reworked my goal time.

As I've struggled with the nerve issue, and now have been off another week with the ITB pain (I've taken 3 weeks off total due to issues), I am sitting here facing the facts.

It's time to throw a goal time out the window.

Instead, I just want to do my BEST.

My BEST come marathon day MAY be faster than I've trained, or could very well be slower.

I can't expect to run a race time based on a perfect training cycle that didn't happen (not that those EVER really happen). I can't beat myself up for things that are beyond my control.

I have a couple of options for this race.

1. I can be disappointed in myself even before I start the race.
2. I can RUIN my first marathon experience because I'm so caught up on a time goal.
3. I can give up now, knowing I probably won't meet my original goal.


4. I can be proud of the hard work I've put in, and realize that as long as I run my BEST on November 14th, I have something to celebrate.

I'm going with option #4.

So, ready for my new marathon goal?

Do my BEST and ENJOY IT!

I have plenty of time to get faster, BUT I'll only have one FIRST marathon experience.

Despite all the ups and downs, this training cycle HAS been a beautiful ride. I learn something new about myself each time I push through a barrier.
Have any of your BEST races not been your FASTEST?

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