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One Week Away

NYC is one week away and I can't wait.

I am in 'taper mode' and did 12.95 on Thursday and 8.48 today. Taper runs can be tricky, I find myself in a running purgatory not sure how exactly to pace myself. The temptation is to put the hammer down because I feel strong, but then I don't want to take it too slow, either. Thursday's run was an 8:54 average, but my Mile 1 was 7:14, wayyyy too fast, but 11 and 12 were in the 9:45 range, as I started to tire.

I managed to keep this morning's run steady, all of my splits were in the 8:15-8:40 range, with an average of 8:31. I feel ready, much better prepared for 26.2 than I was five weeks ago for the Maine Marathon.

I've also signed up for, a very cool site which allows you to track your training among like-minded runners/cyclists/swimmers/athletes. Great motivating tool.

I've been paying closer attention to my diet these days as well, and it is making a difference. I've been eating smaller but more frequent meals, and the urge to overdo it has dissipated since I'm grazing on a lot of nutritious, low-glycemic foods that keep me feeling full.

Yesterday's food log:

Breakfast (6:30am):
1 package Quaker instant maple & brown sugar (I know, should just go steel cut)
1 cup Stonyfield Oikos greek yogurt with blackberries and granola
6 oz Pomegranate juice to wash down my MegaMen Active daily vitamins and Omega3 fishoil vitamins

mid-morning snack (10am or so):
organic banana
1 slice andama toast w/peanut butter

lunch (12:30):
Ovengold turkey breast (2 slices) with 2 slices Monterey Jack cheese on a pita with a 1/4 avocado on a pita

mid-afternoon snack (2:30pm):
2 handfuls of walnuts and dried cherries
1 apple

dinner (6pm):
wild salmon (about 8 oz) with tomatoes, spinach, and cannellini beans

8pm snack:
2 cantaloupe wedges, several handfuls of pumpkin flax granola

I find that by simply writing down what I eat, when I eat, keeps me honest. I can look at my intake with objectivity and hold myself accountable. When I do this, I feel great and lose the urge to eat lousy food. I also drink a ton of water, and a lot of sparkling water with fresh lemon wedges.

Lastly, I got my blood work data back and am pleased with the results. Three years ago this month, I was 222lbs and very sedentary. Now I'm 178, with another 10 to go. Triglycerides, the indicator/precursor to diabetes, was a whopping 387. Not good at all. Way too much fat in my blood. Today, it's a scant 41. Anything under 150 is good - rewarding to see what a proper diet and hard work can do. Cholesterol is 190 (anything under 200 is considered good) but I would like to reduce that number - I am cutting my intake of red meat down dramatically and I think that will make a big difference.

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