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11.81 miles

I set out to do another run of decent length this morning and I decided to do my out and back to York Golf & Tennis. I like this particular run because it is quiet, as I see very few cars and it is very scenic - just me and the pines, the jersey cows grazing in the rock wall lined pastures, and as I crossed the York River the lobster boats were coming in to unload their traps.

I started off Mile 1 at 9:03 and knew this would be an average pace after last night's Taekwondo class. There was only one other student who arrived so Grandmaster Park, who was a bit sore from a strained muscle in his neck, allowed me to conduct class. After a good warm-up and stretching we did a lot of kicking drills with the paddle pad, although basic techniques such as turn (roundhouse) kicks, side kicks, and chop (axe) kicks. We closed class with a 5 min 3 kick combination back-and-forth, and I left class drenched, and sore when I woke up today.

I finished the run in 1:51:51, one of my slower times for this run - my legs felt heavy and I never really got loose. Between Tuesday and today that adds up to 25 miles so far this week, and I have my last 20 miler before NYC this Sunday to add up to 45. I will begin to taper down after Sunday's run leading up to race day.

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11.81 miles + RUN