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The verdict?

Just a quick update:

I went into my local Fleet Feet yesterday and let them know the situation. (If you don't know what I'm talking about CLICK HERE) They were both amused and outraged that the doctor suggested I needed MENS running shoes. They stated that womens shoes are made for the way womens bodies move, and I would harm myself by running long distances in mens shoes.

They did however agree with the doctors assessment of my low arches. Apparently the shoe specialist at the running store I went to in Austin a few months back either didn't know what they were doing, or simply didn't care. I should've been a more informed consumer and looked at my arches myself. It's pretty simple to do, but instead I took her word for it and went on thinking I had normal arches. The Nike's she put me in are completely wrong for my feet and now I'm dealing with injuries because of it. Lesson learned.

I tried on tons of shoes at Fleet Feet, I literally spent an hour of dedicated one on one time with my sales lady. I took several pairs for a test run outside. Every single one I tried felt better than what I was in... .with the exception of a pair of Nikes she had me try. They were a different style than I had been running in, but the heel pain was immediately evident when I ran in them. No Nike's for me. (Darn, there goes my endorsement deal... .)

Anyway, it came down to a pair of Saucony's and a pair of Mizuno. (WOMENS shoes, did I make that clear?)The Sauconys felt super duper squishy and cushioned, my poor feet sighed with relief when I ran in them. I felt like I was running on pillows.

Sounds good, right? Well I'm a commitment phob. so I tried on one last pair. A pair of Mizuno Waves. They felt good in the store so I took them outside for a spin. I waited for the response from my feet and guess what I heard?

Nothing. Absolutely nothing. No aches, no twinges, but also no noticeable "running on pillows". They felt... natural. Also a good thing, right?

So I went back in the store and layed my delimma out to the very kind lady that was helping me. Saucony vs. Mizuno. Pillows vs. Natural.

She said the way I described the Mizuno's was ideal. I want the most "natural" feeling shoes. She also let me know that I could run on them for a few days and come back in and switch them out for the Sauconys if I had any issues.

I left feeling very happy and well taken care of. My hubby also FINALLY got new running shoes (Saucony for him).

Ok, you can't really see them that well in the picture but you can at least see that I was happy. And those lovelies are now featured in my header up top.

I didn't want to report back to you until I actually ran in them. We had a 5 mile run on the training schedule for today.

How would they perform? Well,usually our weekly 5 mile run is done at a 10minute/mile pace (because I'm a turtle.If you're a Tall Mom on the Run fan then you know what that link is about). Anyway, this afternoon we ran 5.2 miles at a 9:25 pace. Yippeee!

This was my first run with them but for now I can say: Mizuno's=pain free running!

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