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I have returned

As I mentioned before, we spent the weekend in Ft. Lauderdale. We were there for an Army Annual Training Conference. Nothing like the government putting you up in a hotel for the weekend, right? :)

Friday night we had a company party.
(this is probably the only pic you'll ever see of me with my hair down)

My son scored some candy and presents. :)

Saturday morning as my husband was in his conference, my son and I got to be lazy and sleep in. For breakfast we decided to try some KIND bars. These things are chock full of fruit and nuts and are absolutely delish! My son had the Mango Macademia bar and kept saying, "Yummmm this candy bar is good." I had the Almond Walnut & Macademia Plus bar. It had 10 grams of protein and was delicious. You can find them at Starbucks, Whole Foods, Trader Joes or online. Not only are the bars good, but the company gives back by donating at least 5% of profits to causes that foster global coexistence and kindness. Take a moment to CLICK HERE and find out more about being "Kind to the World".
Here he is enjoying his breakfast in bed.

With that great start to the morning we decided to go out and get some exercise. One of the best things about living on the coast is there is always a scenic route to run. We found a beautiful (and steep!) drawbridge to conquer.

As you can see from the picture the bridge opened just as we got to the top so we stopped for a quick photo op.

A few times running over and back, pushing the jogging stroller in high winds and I was tired! But I was super proud of myself for getting out for a run while the other wives were shopping. Hurray for healthy new habits!

Saturday evening we had a formal dinner and awards ceremony.

Sunday we woke up to this beautiful view.

With Charles' work obligations over we were able to spend time as a family. We walked around and checked out all the cool shops and a green market downtown.
We found this HUGE Christmas tree. Don't we look tiny next to it?

We had a great time, but I'm happy to be home. Hope everyone had a great weekend!

How do you incorporate exercise into your vacations?

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