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Charlotte at Four Months

Each time I gear up to write a Charlotte recap, I think to myself, "She's doing so much more than ever before!" before I remember that I thought the same thing the previous month.

But really, it's like homegirl turned into a real live person this month. Yes, that means I'm pretty sure my daughter was an alien before the 4-month mark. Duh.

At today's checkup, Charlotte weighed 13 pounds, 11 ounces and measured 24.5 inches long. Though I've said in the last two recaps that she'd almost outgrown her 0-3 month clothing, she's actually still wearing most of it. If anything, some onesies are getting snug due to her length, but I have a feeling she'll wear them for a few more weeks. She's also still in size 2 diapers with no signs of moving out of those anytime soon.

Milestones and Abilities
Because I can't stop with the 90's rap references lately, remember that song "Everybody Get Your Roll On", by the Big Tymers? Or was it "Errbody"? My whiteness can't recall.

Well that was the anthem for this month as Charlotte started to show off her skillz by rolling over from front to back and back to front pretty consistently. She's not real quick, and once she rolls over in either direction she protests and wants to be put back the other way, but it was super exciting to finally see her do it. Like yell and clap and bang on things exciting.

Other abilities:

  • Sleeps through the night. Ahh, sweet sleep.
  • Reaches out for toys. She doesn't have favorites yet, but it's fun to watch her mini paws grabs out at things, my hair included.
  • Puts her big toe in her mouth. She actually showed off this new trick while waiting at the doctor's this evening.
  • Manages her giant noggin with little problem. Whether in her Bumbo or in someone's arms, she doesn't need much help keeping her head steady.

Likes & Dislikes
I hate to be that mom, but there really isn't much Charlotte doesn't like. She clearly gets her temperament from her dad because there's definitely a whole list of shit I don't like.

Mostly, Charlotte is a very calm, gentle baby. We can put her in the bath, lay her on the floor with toys, sit her up in the Bumbo, whatever. Furthermore, she actually enjoys diaper changes, putting clothes on and taking them off, getting the snot sucked out of her nose, and having her nails clipped.

Besides getting cranked up when she's tired or hungry, she's typically full of smiles, laughter, and satirical political jokes.

Mom & Dad
Although there are always daily kinks to work out, being working parents is going better than I'd expected back in my pregnancy haze. In those messy 40 weeks, I imagined being so frazzled every day, our house being overtaken by mice and old pizza boxes, my students running amuck in my classroom as they threw paper airplanes at me while I tried to sleep on my desk.

Instead, our days look this:
5:45 a.m - I wake up, feed C
6:00 - Wake Kev, pass off C for diaper and outfit change, I shower
6:15 - 7:10 - We get ready for work while C plays on the floor in our bedroom
7:15 - With diaper bag packed, Kevin takes C to daycare as I head to work
7:30 - Arrive at work, try to make kids love Atticus Finch
2:33 - Leave work, pick up Charlotte from daycare around 3
3 - 6 - Play, sing ABCs, C takes a nap, clean up my lunch and pump bags, think about making dinner
6:30 - Kevin's home, I'm still thinking about dinner, might go for a run here
7:30 - Feed C, then either bath & jammies or just jams and lotion
8:00 - Goodnight, Moon and couch snuggles
8:05 - Charlotte's in bed
8:06 - Fall asleep on the couch
10:00 - Wake up terrified that I've overslept, realize it's nighttime, feed C, go back to sleep

At some point, the dishes get washed, the clothes get laundered, and the world spins madly on. Then I have a beer.

Running's been hit-or-miss lately, but more on that in a future post.

Month Four Moment
After rolling over for Daddy for the first time:

Month Four By The Numbers

  • 14: schools days left for mom
  • 2: Tweety Bird band-aids she got today after two shots
  • 1,874: ounces of drools she produces every day (scientific fact)
  • 4: onesies she wore today after pooping and drooling through 3 of them
  • 7: most consecutive hours spent in her car seat during last weekend's trip

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