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Share the Love Saturday

Hey there! I don't normally post on Saturdays as I like to take my non-religious Sabbath on these days to watch 17 episodes of Property Brothers and not shower, but I saw this neat-o gadget on Christy's blog, and I wanted to give it a wHirl. Say whirl with an emphasis on the H, like Stewie does here:

The gadget's called Wordle, and it allows you to transform a section of text (or even a whole webpage or blog) into an artsy farsty word bubble.

I took Wordle for a test drive by plugging in the text of this post where outlined 5 reasons why I read your blog:

And it got me to thinking about all of the blogs that I follow along with and read every day (or, at least when C-Monster gives me a few minutes to float into digital dreamland).

Thanks to all of you for allowing me to stalk you from this great Mitten state, as you:

  • keep me entertained at 4 a.m. when I'm feeding C
  • inspire me to get back into running shape with race recaps and rundowns of your workouts
  • give me some serious giggles with your witty posts and silly photos
  • provide some delectable recipes (that I may or may not ever attempt, but they at least stimulate my picky taste buds)
  • remind me that I should make peace with vegetables... someday
  • make me want to fly to every corner of the country to meet & go for a run with all of you & then eat lots of Oreos and ice cream afterward
Though my Greader's already chock full of fantabulous writers, I'd love to add to my subscriptions and update my blog roll accordingly (which hasn't been updated in eons. EONS!)

So help me out here, folks.

#1 Tell me about one blog that you are currently love, love, loving. Why is it SPESHUL?
A newish one I've been reading: The Concrete Runner. She's also a newb momma, a teacher, and a speedy mcspeedster runner. She doesn't post a gazillion times a day, but makes time for honest and insightful posts about life.

#2 I may or may not follow along with blog already, so make sure to give me a snippet about your blog so I (and other commenters) can take a peek!

awesome sauce, blog friends, inspiration, puppies and rainbows, RUN, running, and more:

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