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BumpWatch: Week 38

Typically I've posted a BumpWatch update every four weeks, but since my due date of 1/13 is drawing nearer, I thought a bi-weekly post would be in order. And who knows... this may be the last update I'll make!

And now I've gone and most likely jinxed myself. I'll surely be one of those pregnant women who makes it to Week 43 or something insane like that.

Feeling: Anxious. Sore. Tired. Alternately grumpy and super sunshiney happy. Prepared and not-so-prepared. I cleaned our two bathrooms on Thursday but would've thought I just ran a marathon.

In fact, just getting out of bed in the morning is quite the feat. I have to rev my body up to roll up and over the Boppy maternity pillow that supports my back all night before sort of spilling my limbs into a pile on the floor. Luckily, we own a low-to-the-ground Ikea bed, so I only fall a few inches. After that 5-minute charade ends, my swollen feet limp over to the closet to pull out my robe that barely covers my behind anymore (thanks to the bump taking up all of the extra fabric), and I carefully, 80-year-old man style, pad my way down to the bathroom for a shower.


Weight Gain: Up two more pounds since Week 36 for a total of 28 pounds gained.

Food Talk: Simple - I eat. A lot. All of the time.

Stuff I'm Most Nervous For: Being the only sober one on New Year's Eve, going into labor, and having to drive myself or call a cab to get to the hospital. Leaving my classroom in the hands of someone else. Not knowing if I'm really in labor or not. Having an epidural needle shoved into my spine. The whole delivery thing. Poop-laden diaper explosions. Incorrectly installing the car seat.

Stuff I'm Most Excited For: Seeing her little eyes open for the first time. Bringing her home in a by-then-hopefully-installed-correctly car seat. Snuggling. Telling everyone what her name is. Seeing the bones in my feet again. Having a little baby hand wrapped around my pinkie. Showing her off to the world.

Seeing Kevin change a real diaper for the first time. We practiced changing a fake one on my old Troll doll yesterday.

He went into the process a little scared.

But eventually emerged victorious.

Other Random Tidbits

  • My nose has expelled more mucus in the last few weeks than I've ever seen in my life. (Sorry for the too-late TMI.) Not sure why, but it's everywhere. Gross.
  • I miss running so, so, so very much. My body is itching to wear the Mizunos I bought on sale from Running Warehouse a few weeks ago for more than just a jaunt to breakfast. The RnR Seattle Half on my schedule for 2012 is looking pretty sexy right now.
  • There's a good possibility that I now have a mild case of acid reflux. I wake up from naps and in the middle of night coughing profusely and gagging on whatever has traversed its way up my gullet. Real pretty.

As our holiday vacation winds down, Kevin and I are realizing that our time as a twosome is also quickly coming to a close. Therefore, we grabbed a quick bite to eat last night before heading out to see the new Sherlock Holmes flick in a real, grown-up movie theater, complete with smuggled-in snacks. We rarely go to the theater, opting instead to rent via Netflix, so it was nice to have one actual quasi date night before we go from two to three.

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