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What's Gotten Me Through Nearly 33 Weeks of Being Pregnant

Despite the fact that my belly is prohibiting me from doing some everyday activities (like squeezing between desks to talk to students or balancing my Mac notebook computer on my "lap"), I often have to remind myself that in roughly 7 weeks, I'll be a Mom.

Yep, this wack job of a 27 year old will actually birth and raise a child.

Pregnancy is a funny thing; so much of it involves waiting, waiting, and waiting. At times, it's a little... umm... boring? (Yikes. The Pregnancy Gods might be casting side-eye at me right now.)

Then, allofasudden, shit starts to get realz, yo. Calls to pediatricians, visits to potential daycares, loads of baby laundry to be washed, and, oh, can I get a nap in there somewhere? From what I've heard, I won't be sleeping much once LBA/Ampersand/Regis arrives, so I better take advantage of my free nap time now.

And for a Type-A person like myself, realizing just how much needs to be done can be overwhelming and anxiety-inducing.

Fortunately, I've had a lot of help along the way. Here's a list of Who and What has gotten me through 33 weeks of To-Do Lists, doctor's visits, maternity clothes shopping, rage blackouts, and sore boobs.

Kevin has been my Number One lifesaver. He diligently deals with my fluctuating moods by calmly responding to my never-ending lists of requests ("Can you massage my calves?" or "I'd really like some Cheetos right now; can you make that happen?" or "These maternity pants don't fit and I don't know what to wear and I'm just going to go naked for the next 6 months and I'm fat and I'm angry!").

I said it before, but I'll say it again - he really deserves some kind of award for being a rockstar husband.
We wouldn't be where we are right now without our family.

Our moms have been uber-supportive and excited about LBA, and our siblings can't wait to meet their new niece. Thanks to the relatives, LBA already has a wardrobe fit for a princess, a crib, bedding, stroller, and countless other toys and baby necessities. We can't wait for her to arrive so she can meet them all, and they all are dying for her to get her so that they can finally learn her name!

Friends have been like a close second family.

We always said that we'd never become that couple that shies away from hanging out with the gang just because a baby's on the way. Since May, when we found out that LBA was going to join us, we've gone on a cycling tour, run three races, and spent countless summer and fall hours with our favorite friends. They remind us that there's still life to be had on the "outside", but they also are just as excited as we are for LBA to join the world.

It's ok to say, "Yes, you can help me."
I have a really tough time delegating tasks to others, but I've learned that, to stay sane, I need to be alright with people taking over for me. This has been particularly true at work. Everyone from fellow staff to students has at some point offered to assist me, even with menial activities like making copies or by giving up their seat to the pregnant teacher.

My couch. It lets me nap. Enough said.

Realizing that I have to let go in more ways than one. In the last 33 weeks, it's become clear that A) we won't ever be 100% prepared for this baby; 2) things can/may/will go wrong; and 3) I have to just suck it up and roll with it.

Pregnancy changes you, changes your life. I could sit around and mope for 33 weeks, and don't me wrong - I've done my share of that. But it's also been nice to let people in, to let them help you and to share in all of the puppies and rainbows that come along with a new baby.

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