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Sometimes you have to look at the big picture

Do you remember THAT race that I've spent the last 20+ weeks training for?

That race that I hired a super awesome coach for?

The one that was going to be redemption from THIS train wreck?

Well guess what?

It's not going to happen.

I've trained through the ridiculous triple digit summer in Texas. I've picked up speed and accumulated miles. I've slowly increased volume, and I crosstrained. I've worked with a great coach and had a stellar training plan.

I've done what I could to set myself up for success, but it isn't happening.

Like I mentioned previously, two weeks ago I started having sharp knee pain. I dropped a race, took time off and went to the doctor. Earlier this week I was given a couple of steroid shots, one behind my knee cap and one into the tendon sheath on the side of my knee. Along with the shots I was given the instructions to take it easy, take a little more time off, and give my body time to heal.

I'm two weeks out from San Antonio full. I've gone over all the options. I know without a doubt I could finish the full, but I also know its setting myself up for further injury.

I've ran a full while injured and honestly? I don't want to do it again.

I don't want to take weeks off to rehab post race. I don't want to hurt myself further. And I don't want to simply "survive" my race.

After talking to my doctors, my AMAZING coach, and really looking inside myself, I have made the decision to drop from the full to the half.

In the end, the well being of my body is more important than one single race. And don't worry, my training won't go to waste. There are lots of spring fulls calling my name.

"Tomorrow is another day, and there will be another battle!"

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