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She Devil

Around 11:30 am on Saturday Oct 15, I finished the Baltimore Half Marathon.
In general, I was sore and tired but I didn't notice any acute injuries. This was awesome because after the Pittsburgh Half I felt like I was developing a stress fracture in my foot (and it was not fun!) and I was worried I'd push myself to another injury. We spend a little time in "Celebration Village" but quickly decided to make our way to the car, my dad parked what seemed like miles away so we had to make a long trip. The hubs tried to carry me on his back but that lasted about 2 minutes.
We went home for a few hours and I took a much needed, loonngg shower. After I started to feel like a human again we all packed up the car again and headed to Philly (again) for my brother's soccer game.

When I got out of the car, despite 2 ibuprofen I was feeling it. My legs were painful to the touch and stairs were a nightmare. I really enjoyed watching my bro play (it was the first time in a while seeing him)!

After the game the hubs and I hung out with my bro and then hit the sack, I was exhausted. The next day we went to a recommended restaurant for brunch, Mixto.

It's a really neat Latin American/Caribbean themed restaurant near Center City, Philadelphia. I loved the exposed brick and interesting decor. We started with arrepas con pollo y aguacate- i.e. delicious cornmeal cakes stuffed with chicken and advocado. I grew up eating my grandma's arrepas and these were amazing. The side was grilled platanos (baby bananas).

I had a breakfast sandwich w/ turkey bacon, eggs, and cheese. It was anything but standard, everything tasted very fresh and the flavors mixed perfectly.

After brunch we started the long drive back to Pittsburgh. Overall we had a great weekend, it was definitely busy but I was so glad to see my family and fit in a fun race.

After the Pittsburgh Half, I wasn't sure I could run another half. After this one, I immediately started thinking about my next race. I signed up for a Costume race tomorrow called the Terrifying 10K. The hubs agreed to come and is running the Freaky 5K. The weather report initially called for a high of 50 and sunny weather, unfortunately when I last checked it now says rain, snow, and low 40s. Boo. I had to do some digging but I found pieces of my "Devil Wears Prada" costume from 2 years ago, as well as red gloves I wore to a dance a couple years back and my red fleece jacket. Warm, practical devil it is.

Improvisation, folks. Any cheap, easy ideas for what the hubs can wear?

What is everyone being for Halloween?
Anyone running a costume race (or ran one in the past)? What did you wear?

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