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It's Raining Babies (Shower #1)

::notes of an 80's one-hit wonder drop into post::

The belly is rising, patience getting low
According to all sources, the hospital is the place to go
'Cause soon for the first time
There sure is no maybe
For the first time in history
It's gonna start raining babies!

It's raining babies, hallelujah it's raining babies!
I'm gonna go out and let myself get
absolutely soaking wet!
It's raining babies! Hallelujah -
It's raining babies, ain't no maybe
Short, cute, soft, and clean
Little and so new to the scene

::And this concludes my parody of The Weather Girls' "It's Raining Men" so that I can get into real details from this weekend's baby shower #1 shenanigans::

While this entire weekend was full of such sheer awesome that I will have to continue discussing it in tomorrow's post, I wanted to at least start today with a recap of the baby shower my mom threw yesterday for me, Kev, and LBA.

For the record: It didn't rain actual babies, but it did rain family, friends, cheesecake-filled cake, gifts, gadgets, flowers, and all kinds of puppies-and-rainbows love for LBA.

We (33 aunties, cousins, neighbors, and friends) gathered at a local restaurant, Richard's, to celebrate.

That's my mom - Judi, The Jude, Big J - and my sister, Betsy, and me.

After all of the hellos were said and ladies were sitting, lunch was to be served. We had lots of options - prime rib sandwich, chicken wrap, chef salad, chicken cordon bleu - but I went with the tried-and-true (a.k.a., picky eater's safe pick) chicken wrap. Yum!

Mom and me with Kev's mom, Lois.

Lunch was followed with a delectable slice of cake. I would've taken a photo, but in all of my pregnant glory, I ate it too fast to think about photographing it. Just imagine white cake with creamy cheesecake filling. There you go.

My mom isn't too into doing shower games, which I'm totally cool with, so once dessert was had, it was time to dive into the pile of gifts.

Did we really register for all of this?

As you can see, I'm very awkward when it comes to opening gifts in front of people. I can sure teach a class of 33 sophomores every day, but gift-opening makes me socially weird. Though I loved everything we got, I generally just pointed at it and attempted lame jokes.

Here's the blanket my mom made with the fabric we ordered a while back. However, she also found a fantabulous crib set as well, so I think LBA will just have a lot of blankets to choose from.

We were so lucky to receive so many wonderful things that I could post photos of but will just briefly list a few of instead:

  • an abundance of cute outfits, onesies, and sleep & plays
  • Graco SnugRide 35 Logan car seat
  • Boppy feeding and support pillow
  • A 900-count box of wipes (yeah, I didn't know they came in that quantity either!)
  • Graco Pack & Play Laguna play yard
  • Stroller accessories (snack tray, car seat adapter, beverage holder) for the City Mini stroller grandma Lois got us
  • Tons of feeding stuff: bottles, spoons, sippy cups, bowls/plates, high chair
  • Books, squishy stuffed animals, rattles and more
I could go on, but we'd be here all night! Let's just say that LBA's closet is full, her room is packed with fun toys, and every need or want shall hopefully be fulfilled.

(And we have another shower in November!)

I was very grateful to have some helpers throughout the day.

Me, my sis, and my cousins Sarah and Lindsay. These ladies were mega-efficient in distributing, organizing, and jotting down gifts. They could probably put a UAW assembly line to shame, and they're fun to hang out with to boot!

The #fearsomethreesome was back in action for the third time in a week!

Megan and Erika were tremendously happy to be shower photographers and made sure we had lots of good proof of the day's events.

Erika is actually preparing for a cross-country move to Seattle (eeek!), so it was extra awesome to have her at the shower before the big move. (more on that tomorrow.)

The day ended with Kevin and I attempting to sort through all of the wonderful stuff; in the process, we took a few items for test drives.

First up: the Baby Bjorn. Once he got the straps figured out, he chucked in my old troll doll from 5th grade (which my mom had wrapped up in a swaddler she'd made) and tramped around the house with it and beer just to make sure it was "safe".

We also had a go at assembling the pack & play.

Let's just say that he and I were much more adept at putting together Lego castles in the mid-90's than we were last night at figuring out the ins and outs of this portable crib.

Luckily, we have 11 more weeks to get it all sorted out before she's here!

Hope everyone had as lovely a fall weekend as I did :) I'm off to watch Juno now. That's both a hint of what's to come in tomorrow's Wicked 5k recap post and a sign that I'm in full-fledged baby obsession mode now.

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