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A Blog Award, Halloween-Style

My one-item agenda for this evening? Pull together my Halloween costume for Sunday's Wicked Halloween 5k.

Kevin and I will be running the race (he's doing the 10k though, like a true baller) dressed in a pretty sweet couple's costume that's appropriate and fitting for our current situation. Check back Sunday for the recap and photos!

Along with costume prep, I managed to spend $28 on Halloween candy already to pass out to the neighborhood kidlets. There's a good chance I'll eat most of it before they even ring my doorbell, though.

Sorry, kids. I may have to resort to being that lady.


But what's cooler than candy? Receiving a blogger award, like the Versatile Blogger Award from Boston Bound Brunette. Thanks, BBB!

Disclaimer: BBB must not understand my pregnancy emotions, though, because they make me pretty unversatile most of the time. Yes, I'm aware unversatile is not a word, but I'm so unversatile that I don't care to change it or think of a synonym.

But I digress. On with the Award!

Here are the award rules:
1) Thank the person who gave you the award and link to their post. (Done, it's above!)
2) Share seven things about yourself.
3) Tag some recently discovered blogs - 15, to be exact - and pass the award a long.

In the spirit of all things Spooktacular (ooo, corny Halloween wordplay!), my seven things will be all Halloween-related. Get ready to get spooked! (Not really.)

Vintage Megan & Kevin circa 2006. We were really festive that Halloween in our coordinated outfits, eh?

1) I want to make out with the people who created the film Hocus Pocus. I've been begging Kevin to watch it this season, but we haven't tracked it down yet. Someone should buy it for me LBA, right?

2) Scary movies are not for me. I watched The Ring in 2002 and more or less had a mental breakdown. Even the commercials for scary movies scare me.

3) In elementary school, I once dressed up as a star for Halloween. Walking was very awkward as I had a lot of points to contend with. That costume was not cool.

4) I heart teeny kids who can barely say "trick or treat!" On the other hand, those 17 year olds who throw on a dirty sweatshirt and slang a pillowcase full of candy around can suck it and then go get a life.

5) One of my favorite costumes was a Greek goddess getup I wore in college in 2003. It was the right balance of cute and slutty. Because, you know, college Halloweens were all about wearing costumes that showed off body parts you normally wouldn't even feel comfortable showing a doctor.

6) I love a good mix of candy on Halloween. Give me some Reese's, follow it up with a handful of Skittles, and finish off with a Blow-Pop or two. Some Halloween candy is gross, though: those blank & orange "peanut butter" things, Whoppers, black licorice-flavored stuff.

7) Though Kevin and I will be donning costumes on Sunday, I'm so much more excited to dress up LBA in tiny tot Halloween outfits next fall. What's cuter than a squishy baby in a pumpkin suit?

Tag, You're IT!
1) Kristy @ Breath of Sunshine
2) Rose @ Hacker Half Marathon
3) Vanessa @ Gourmet Runner
4) Megan @ Watch MeGo Run
5) Erika @ This Spartan Will
6) Megan @ Running Toward The Prize
7) Christina @ The Athletarian

(Ok, I'm too tired and in need of a nap to do 15. If you want to jump in on this one, go for it!)

Halloween. Let's hear it:
-Favorite costume?
-Most abhorred candy?
-Great scary movie?

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