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WMU Flashback Friday Run

Hey there! Hope everyone is having a lovely Friday and is enjoying great weather like we've had here in Michigan for the last few weeks.

Kevin and I (and a bunch of friends) are in Kalamazoo this weekend about to head to East Jordan for a canoe trip. (Kalamazoo & EJ are two cities on the west side of Michigan.)

We both went to college here - Western Michigan University - so today we thought we'd take a run through campus.

I've run on campus a bit before:

  • For the Kalamazoo Marathon
  • During a random training 10-miler
I took my camera along for a campus tour since the place has changed a ton since I graduated almost 5 years ago.

My old dorm! Britton/Hadley Hall down in Valley 1 (a.k.a., BFE and up a giant hill that really sucked in the winter).

This doesn't look like much now, but if you went to WMU and majored in Education or ever had a class in Sangren Hall, then you'll be excited. The school is finally rebuilding the Hall, so I was really excited to snap a photo of the progress.

It could've been rebuilt years ago probably, but you know we "rich" teachers don't like to donate any of the money we earn while working part-time through the year. Ha.

I continued on straight through campus where the new chemistry building now stands. There used to be huge rolling lawns here, which I miss, but the new chem building is really nice.

The patio area in front of the new chem building. Even though the lawns are mostly gone, the pretty patios make a nice addition to campus.

A view out to the center of campus with some greenhouses on the right.

I also had to make a pit stop by Brown Hall where I took loads and loads of English classes in very tiny, cramped, asbestos-filled rooms. Hopefully, this will be the next hall to get a facelift, but last I checked, English majors aren't exactly rolling in the dough.

Across from Brown stands a brand new performing arts center. Holy gorgeous! This was definitely not here 5 years ago.

And then I dropped it down low to get a picture of Sprau Tower, where I took many breaks from classes to enjoy what was probably my 17th Diet Coke of the day.

My run even took me over by the business college - Schneider Hall - which is very nice and very fancy because all of the rich Republicans business students donate tons of corporate tax cut dollars every year.

And I finished up my campus loop with a jaunt over the pond. The pond is still somewhat pretty, but I didn't see any of the giant man-eating carp that lived there back in the day.

All in all, I ran just over 3 miles in just over 30 minutes. I took quite a few rest breaks to take photos; plus, campus is super hilly! Even walking between the buildings is tough.

Alright, on with the day!

Have you done a flashback run recently?

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