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The 4th of July Photo Post That Might Crash Blogger

How was everyone's 4th of July weekend? (For those of you in the US, of course).

This was easily the best weekend I've had in ages, full of yummy food, friends, fireworks, and tons of fun! Starting with Saturday after I left y'all, hubs and I went to our fave juice bar, Juice Box Cafe for delicious food and smoothies.

Outfit from Francesca's. I keep them in business.

Hubs got the delicious strawberry shake, I got the Rock Star smoothie

Strawberry salad for me (romaine, strawberries, feta, almonds, vanilla balsamic)

Hubs got the tofu burrito w/ black bean salsa. It was outstanding!

Then we hit up Best Buy for a mission...
iPhone updated! Behold the iPhone 4 :)

And a netbook! I feel like I've finally joined the 21st century w/ gadgets that actually work at a decent speed.

After a little more shopping, we worked up an appetite, so we went to Fathead's to check out their new menu.

I'm so happy that they finally have vegetarian options, but with my newfound meat-eating tendencies I actually got the Spinach Salad w/ chicken... and lots. of. cheese.



You've got to hand it to Fathead's, their food is excellent. The thing that always annoys me is that they really seem to go out of the way to make absolutely everything on the menu unhealthy. I made a hearty attempt to attack this salad but ended up boxing it for the hubs. My lady friend (who was a very happy vegetarian when she saw the new menu!) got the Grown-Up Grilled Cheese, which was out of this world.

Two big slabs of rye toast, mozarella, goat cheese, spinach, tomatoes, and pesto.

And this guy at the table next to us provided us some entertainment... he got iced.

After dinner we headed home to watch a movie and prep for 4th of July festivities.

Sunday we woke up early and headed to downtown Pittsburgh to the Three Rivers Regatta, an annual festival with food, music, and art, and boat races!

Skyaker! Yes- a kayak, in the sky---into the water. Crazy.

When the sun went down we headed to Point State Park for an, um, interesting cirque-de-soleil-esque show. Weird acrobats and a Marie Antoinette character were involved. Hmm.

And that brings us to 4th of July. We once again headed downtown to grill out and get ready for the big she-bang... fireworks!

Turkey dawg

While waiting for the fireworks we watched the sky...

Then this happened... torrential downpour for about a half hour. Not cool Pittsburgh.

Luckily the weather cleared up and the fireworks began. Over the river, big and bold--easily the best fireworks I've ever seen.

And that concludes my 4th of July weekend. Check back tomorrow for a SUPER EXCITING giveaway. Seriously, you don't want to miss it!

What did you do/see/eat this 4th of July weekend?

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