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June Jubilee in Review

Hey there, July! Can't believe you're here already. That must mean it's time to review what happened in June!

June was a fantastic month, and I'm glad I got to finish it off with a run yesterday with Megan! It's so nice to have a running buddy. We did a very easy 3-miler in Hines Park and chatting along the way. Megan was chosen to be part of Nuun's Hood-To-Coast Relay team; the relay is an almost 200-mile route that Megan will run with 11 other teammates. How cool! Go over to her blog and say hi and congratulate her!

We also took our standard post-run pic:

And became good friend mortal enemies with the geese (?) ducks (?) that were inhabiting the park yesterday:

Onto the rest of the June review!

Running Recap
Miles Run: 27.26 miles. Another slow month, but that's ok. Looking forward to ramping it up a bit this month.
Longest Run: A 5-miler that I did this past Wednesday, the longest distance run since Kalamazoo.
Races: None!
Running Moment of the Month: Not gonna lie - this month hasn't been great for running. I'm trying to reassess my pace and get back into just getting out there. After weeks of lethargy, I did finally convince my legs to go out, and I completed a great solo run.

RoadAgainMegan IRL
At Work: June 17 was my last day for the school year, and I was so thankful to finally be able to relax for a bit. I ended the school year by cleaning out my classroom and heading to the NKOTB/BSB concert!

At Home: The biggest moment by far this month was announcing my pregnancy! Things are a-changin' but all for the GREAT!

Blog Bits
Good Reading: Since finding out about that LBA is on the way and trying to maintain some decent mileage still, I've been following a lot of other mamas-to-be as they, too, work through pregnancy and fitness:

  • Healthy Strides
  • The Fitnessista
  • This Runner's Trials

On the Road Again... Again: Lots of fun posts were had this month, especially now that I've had time to write. Here are some highlights:

  • Kevin and I got our cooking on and made these delightful BBQ Chicken Rolls. So yummy!
  • As the 10-year anniversary of my high school graduation rolled around, I got nostalgic and pondered life as it may have been back in the good ol' days.
  • With pregnancy changing up my running patterns, June was also a time to reassess my easy run pace.
  • I discussed my love for blogging and several readers joined in by sharing their own blogs and giving a shout-out to others that they love, too.
What's New: Holy moly, I have 50 followers as of today! Thanks to all of you for reading along and following. I can't believe people read the really great and wonderful random doses of crap that I write. I heart you all, and perhaps a 50-follower giveaway will be in the future!

July Goals

  • Keep up with my running while pregnant plan.
  • Enjoy summer vacation!

Thanks again, as always, for join me On The Road! Happy July to you!

What made your June great??