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So this weekend was another great one. The moments that I can steal to be with my husband and friends are so precious, I realize that this is the last year I have to, well, NOT be a doctor. This Friday the hubs and I took a Groupon that's been hot in my pocket for a few weeks and went to La Casa , a Spanish/Moroccan tapas restaurant a few blocks from our house. I've been there a few times before on special occasions so I was psyched to visit again.

We enjoyed the crab cakes w/mango aioli

The Moroccan spring rolls..

Pork Tenderloin w/ honey mustard sauce (I haven't had pork in years and this was out of this world!)

The Mandarin salad (mesclun, cukes, tomatoes, apples, and frickin delicious spanish cheese

And for dessert..The Apple Empanada.

The thing that I absolutely love about tapas is that it's instant portion control. I definitely enjoyed myself and got things I wouldn't normally order that came in small bites to share with the hubs. Surprisingly when we left I didn't even feel full! I wish more restaurants would embrace small plates-- I think it would certainly start chipping away at the nation's obesity epidemic!

After dinner we hit up Red Box and rented Love and Other Drugs. I was looking forward to seeing it because it was mostly filmed in Pittsburgh- and I actually really enjoyed it! This year has been mostly crap for comedies (in my opinion) and I thought this was worth the time ($1.00 rental didn't hurt either).

Saturday the hubs pointed out that we had a gift card from Christmas to Darden Restaurants- the company behind the Olive Garden, Red Lobster, Longhorn Steakhouse, and Bahama Breeze. We chose the latter because the one in Baltimore is delicious, (and I really don't care for the other options). Bahama Breeze is one of the only chain restaurants I'm a fan of, and it did not disappoint.

We started with the vine-ripened tomato flatbread (pretty much crispy thin crust pizza)

I got the Salmon Tostada Salad (SO. GOOD. The salmon was cooked perfectly, and under the greens was a crispy surprise tortilla. I love me some carbs with my salad ;) ) .

Hubs got the Jerk Chicken Pasta, which was also creamy deliciousness.

The service was the best we've had in awhile, and the food was fresh and unique. Double thumbs up for this chain restaurant!
After dinner we went to a friends house to say a quick hello and then headed home to crash. We had big plans for Sunday---

Our first Pirates game of the season! To be honest, I've never had much of an interest in baseball, but the Pirates are on a hot streak and we watched them beat the Cubs 9-1. GO BUCS is all I can say.

We had awesome seats courtesy of our friend Gillian. The hitch? It was soooooo hot. All humidity, sun, and 90 degrees hot. We found some $1.00 waters and made it 5-ish innings- which for me is pretty good.

After the game we cooled off in the AC (by that I mean laid on the couch, not moving), then went to dinner with my friend who just got engaged! (Congrats Steve and Hanna :). Oh P.S. he proposed in Central Park. Hello, you closet romantic ;).

And that brings us to now, when I'm about to watch some Office and once again remind you to enter the BIC Bands giveaway.

Which game do you prefer- Baseball, Football, Soccer, Hockey, or Basketball?

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