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Dino Tracks!

I am always on the hunt for free affordable things to do with Dash. Recently he watched a discovery channel documentary on dinosaurs and it reminded me of something I had done in my youth. North of Austin is a river where dinosaur tracks were discovered years ago. I remember going as a child and knew it was something Dash would enjoy.

When I visited 20 years ago (as a baby YOUNG child) we were able to swim and play in the water. Right now we’re in a drought, so there was very little water. The dried up river bottom was gorgeous though. Its not exactly a tourist destination, so we had to park under a bridge and hike up stream. Here are some pics from our adventure.


Dino tracks


Walk like a DINOSAUR


. One print by my back foot,one by Dash’s front foot.


These tracks were made by the Acrocanthosaurus. This type of dinosaur was 40 ft long and weighed close to 7 tons. After studying the prints, experts believe he was running FROM something. Interesting to think there was something bigger and scarier then him out here.


Testing the water…


We had a great time playing and enjoying nature.Have you discovered any hidden gems (or dino tracks) in your city lately?

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