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Why I Love Blogging & Blog Share Time!

I started this blog a little over a year ago. You can read about my humble beginnings here.

But why? People often ask. Why overshare your life and post goofy photos?

Remember this one? Talk about oversharing. Who loves a good inner thigh pic? Me!

Here's why: I started it as a way to keep track of my runs. To celebrate the good days. To rant about the bad. To inspire (?) others to get out on the road. To exercise my lame wit.

129 posts later, I love blogging even more now than I did when I excitedly, hurriedly wrote that inaugural post.

Being a part of the ginormous Blog World allows me to connect with strangers all over the country (and across the globe, even). I read about others' triumphs and struggles, laugh with them over cringe-worthy mishaps, celebrate PRs, and learn about new races and challenges taking place everywhere.

Thank you, Google Reader, for making it easier than ever to stalk my favorite bloggers.

As a normally fairly shy gal, blogging lets me break out of my protective turtle shell here and there. I can share details of my life, comment on posts, and interact with people I've never met, and it's all pretty awesome. These people don't think I'm weird. Maybe.

I've made some new friends and even have a running partner, now! Hi, Megan! In the past, I also ran solo or at least a few miles behind the husband, and while I still do a lot of runs sans peeps, I love to have someone to meet and run with. I probably wouldn't have met Megan without the power of the blog, unless I was some totally creeper stalker. Luckily, I'm not, at least last time I checked.

I've learned so much from other bloggers. While I know that most of us aren't registered dietitians or personal trainers, there is good knowledge to be had. Yummy recipes? Check. Want to know which Gu flavors taste best? Ok, it's out there. Training plans and tips? Plenty.

Lastly - it's nice, sometimes, to know that there are others out in the world just like you. They agonize over their training, take funny photos (and some really amazing ones, too), discuss their obsessions, and share those details with the world.

Now it's time to Blog Share! My Google Reader is chock full of lovely, lovely blogs that I love to follow; here are a few that I'm currently digging & why I love 'em:

Peanut Butter Fingers: Julie seems so sweet! She posts lots of yummy looking smoothie recipes and has a cute dog, too!

The Fitnessista: Full of fashion and fitness tips, Gina reports from The Fitnessista. Plus, she's newly pregnant, too, so of course I love to read her pregnancy updates.

Stopping For Daisies: Ari takes pretty photos and blogs about running and fitness (and currently, a lululemon obsession!)

Dashing in Pearls: A fellow runner and teacher, Tara, writes this blog. Running + teaching: What's not to love there?

Ali on the Run: Ali reports from NYC with lots of honesty and humor as she trains for her first marathon.

Your Turn to Share Out:
#1: Tell me what you love about blogging!
#2: Hook us all up with the link to your blog in the comments and give a short description.
#3: Add the link and a short description to another blog that you follow and love.

Annnnndd GO!

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