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Wanted: Motivation

Remember that episode of Family Guy when Peter wished to have no bones in his body and looked like a giant, rolling blob?

Just picture my head on Peter's body, and you'll get what I'm feeling like these days.

I've been struggling to keep up lately.

Napping is more important than any household chore. Online browsing trumps finishing up the grading of a stack of essays. Watching hour after hour of cable-less (read: crappy) television has replaced my daily runs. Nomming on salads, fruit, and yogurt has turned into mowing down chips, candy, and cookies.

I wrote a post about keeping the post-race momentum, but now I can't even seem to take my own advice.

I'm not really sure what the problem is.

It could be the heat. I can absolutely be a fairweather runner, and lately we've had a lot of temps reach the mid to upper 80s. That's hot. Real hot. Too hot for me. So I've been hiding out indoors.

Thinking about the heat reminds me of this naughty-but-with-a-message-about-AIDS song from the greatest dreadlocked rapper of all time - Coolio.

It could be that it's the end of my work year, and I'm just too worn out to care. There's no cool photo or graphic or 90's rap song to go along with this one. If you really wanted a picture, you'd get one of me looking bored, tired, and angry.

It could be that I've spent several of my last few years running like crazy, eating (mostly) right, and monitoring pretty much everything that I do. And now, I've somehow given myself a free pass to DoNothingVille. Am I ok with that? Hmm. Not sure. I'm so used to doing. And checking things off of A List. And feeling... accomplished.

And now I just don't care. But I want to.

I want to get back to Hines Drive a few days a week and enjoy the path and the sun.

I want to run in a race and celebrate every step.

I want to trade in the chips and enjoy good healthy food again.

But it's just not happening right now.

So I'm asking you for help. Give me your best motivational tip, quote, or story. Links to videos featuring rappers from the 90's also work well.

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