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Today is THE day (x2)

Today is the day Nuun announces which bloggers they picked for their Hood to Coast team. You may remember my super awesome video application from last week. At nuun (noon, get it?) today I'll find out if it was creative enough to get me on the team.

I've been surprised with how emotionally vested I am in this process. Hood to Coast has been on my running bucket list, but it was what I call a "horizon dream". Something I want to reach, but is probably way out in the distance. And then wow, this opportunity showed up and I've been hoping and dreaming and losing sleep over it. Saying I'm excited is an understatement. :)

Tons of amazing ladies have applied for the team, so no matter who Nuun picks I know they'll end up with a great team. *fingers crossed*

Funny, as you're reading this I may have already found out. The announcement should be made on the Nuun Facebook or their blog.

Today is also THE day for something else exciting. BUT its super secret for now. Lets just say that I'm thrilled for this opportunity and am hoping I remain clear headed and un-tongue-tied this afternoon.

Wish me luck (in both!)

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