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Three Things Thursday: High School Flashbacks

I got a bit nostalgic last night, and wrote a post reliving some of my college memories since my 10-year anniversary of graduating high school and heading off to college is happening this summer.

Coincidentally, tonight's the senior honors awards ceremony at the high school I teach at, and I'm due to present an award for our Journalism program.

With all of these high-school's-coming-to-an-end feelings and memories in the air this week, I thought it'd be appropriate to flashback to the early 2000's for today's Three Things.

Get ready to jump on the Way Back Machine.

1. Remember Pearl Harbor, the movie? Yeah, I saw it shortly after my final days of being a senior. Looking back, I realize how horrifically awful it was, but at the time, I swooned over the love-triangle story line of Kate Beckinsale, Josh Hartnett, and Ben Affleck. (Michael Bay directed this mess, and I should've realized right the it was going to be a Wal-Marted version of a real historical drama.)

And who could resist Cuba Gooding Jr. as the hero sailor in the background? C'mon.

2. Let's talk boy bands for a minute. N'Sync and Backstreet Boys were in the heyday of their relevancy, so much so that, as a part of our high school's dance team, I performed to at least one of their bubble-gum pop tunes. The one I remember the most?

"Bye Bye Bye." Watch the video, jump around your living room with Pac-Man-esque hands, and relive the days when JT had really awful hair.

3. Soccer practice commenced right after school in the spring of every school year, and what better pre-practice snack to have than Fruitopia and a pack of Brown Sugar Cinnamon Pop Tarts? I bet I powered through those days because I was hyped up on 462 grams (exaggeration... maybe) of sugar.

And here I thought Fruitopia was healthy because it had "fruit" in the name. And, duh, of course Pop Tarts were healthy because they were breakfast food. Aren't all breakfast foods full of nutrients and vitamins?

I may claim to be smarter these days, but let's be real: I'll still chow down some Pop Tarts these days because they are in fact good for you.* The only reason I don't drink Fruitopia anymore is that I haven't seen it since... 2001.

*good for you = they make you delirious with sugary goodness.

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