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OR Week 2

Well, 2 weeks down... 4 to go.
The one thing I can say about early to bed, early to rise rotations is that they go by FAST. The fact that the sun doesn't set until 9 pm is working wonders for my mood- when I was on medicine I would get out when the sun was long gone... and that's just depressing. Pittsburgh decided to take a swig of the happy juice this week and it's been full of glorious sun.

This week I think I (finally) settled into the flow, and have realized my place in things. I'll let you take a guess as to what a medical student does on a surgical rotation.
My eating patterns have also settled down a bit, as I realize that the team does let me eat, and I don't need to sneak food or shovel snacks in between cases.

Breakfast has been pretty much the same daily, wheat bread w/ Earth Balance, Zone bar, and iced coffee (hubs made me a canister of french press coffee for the week- I just store in the fridge and pour some in a gatorade bottle to pour over ice during the day). Lunch has been a small spinach salad w/ carrots, cukes, and goat cheese w/ half a turkey +cheese sandwich w/honey mustard, a hard-boiled egg, and some sort of cracker. Snacks are a larabar or fruit leather, saltines w/PB, and one or two of my new obsession:

I grew up eating my weight in fruit snacks- and these taste just like a big ol' fruit snack--with electrolytes! I eat them if I'm feeling a dip in energy, and then usually finish off the pack after a run. UHB-sessed. I crave them constantly.

It's funny, one of the hilarious surgical professors said he knew when it was lunch time during a case because he could feel the medical student start to shake and sway next to him in the OR. "You can tell that a medical students has never missed a lunch in his/her life. Wuss."
So. True. I admit my downfall.
What can I say, I'm a never-miss-a-meal kind of girl. It could be worse.

Well, after my nice run today (sunny 8-miler) I'm ready for some quality grub. BRGR it is.

What was your favorite kind of fruit snack as a child?
I loved Gushers and Scooby-Doo fruit snacks. Yum.

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