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National Running Day

Happy National Running Day!

Today was the perfect day to get out and log some miles. I had a running date planned with Megan, and the weather in Michigan made for a lovely, albeit sweaty, run.

Sizzling, at least by Michigan standards. Seems we skipped spring (again) this year and jumped from snow and rain to HOT.

Megan and I did a nice 3-mile loop in Hines Park. The sun was shining, people were out doing active things, and I managed to keep it together (and keep up with Megan) for a 9:30 pace. It's amazing how much I feel like crap after taking all of that time off.

After our run and a nice chat about our men (who work and play soccer together!), we carved out a few moments for some photos in the park. People probably thought we were nuts, but that's cool.

There were photos of the pretty (man-made) lake. Look at that sky! I forgot what a clear sky looked like. Frownieface.

And photos of shoes and dirty water that actually sparkled a bit under the sun.

And photos of Megan posing with the water.

And one of me giving some Double Thumbs Up (I thought of you, Running Lizard!)

Even though I've been having a bit of a rough time getting back into the swing of things, I was so thankful to have had today to hit the road with Megan.

Today reminded me why I love to run.

The feeling of the sun hitting my brow, provoking little droplets of sweat to inch down the sides of face.

The crunch of the rocks and gravel and sand under my feet as they bear my weight and my determination to finish every run strong.

The grit of road dust that coats my skin, a reminder of the feet I've covered and the people I've passed along the way.

The heaving of my chest and the swing of my arms coaxing me along the way.

But most of all - the sensation of striding out those last sweet steps, knowing that another mile has been logged, another day has been vindicated, and another path has been conquered.

Running never changes. And I appreciate that about it, that it's one element in life that I know will remain steadfast, unwavering.

Why do you run?

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