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Mad Marathon!

This is how excited I am for the Mad Marathon!

Unlike Mr. Bolt, however, I've tempered my performance expectations as my weekly milage is way down with less than two weeks to go before heading back to Vermont for marathon #9. The week of 6/20-6/26 I ran three times for a total of 17 miles, with the longest being 7. Ouch.

Looking back at my running log from last summer, I was consistently averaging 45 miles per week. Ironic that even with running a marathon a month, my overall miles are actually less than they were a year ago when I was running just to run. A solid 4-5 day recovery period and a light mileage taper week are something I have not compromised on, however, and I'm convinced they are one of the reasons I am still feeling good and healthy at this stage in my 12 marathon challenge. Taekwondo is undoubtedly the the other reason - it has helped immensely from both a cardio and stretching/flexibility standpoint. Testing for my high blue belt is Saturday, July 16th.

On another note, I am approaching the 1,000 mile mark since this whole crazy journey began. I joined Dailymile in late October a few weeks before running in the NYC Marathon last fall (race #2), and have logged 847 on that site. Add another 91 (three weeks of runs in Oct '10 including race #1 the Maine Marathon) and I'm at 938 as of today. Depending on how many miles I run leading up to next week, I just might top the 1k mark at some point during the final few miles of that race.

Looking at a map 1,000 miles is the distance from Kittery, ME to both Atlanta, GA and St. Louis, MO.

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