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Five Mile Morning & Some Haircuts

Today I officially got started with my Pregnant Running Plan and did 5 miles under the beautiful Wednesday morning sun.

It was the longest distance I've run since I crossed the Kalamazoo Marathon finish line nearly two months ago. It wasn't the best run, nor the fastest, but I'm starting to realize that pace, at this point, doesn't matter anymore.

It just needs to be about the running, the pounding of feet on gravel, the warm morning breezes of summer keeping sweat at bay, and the sheer joy of knowing I covered 5 miles all by myself and with my own two feet.

A thumbs up for running! (and my shadow is picking its nose)

Five miles at 10:13 pace. I took 3 breaks in all: two at intersections while waiting for traffic, and a .1 mile walk break at the halfway mark.

Another thing I'm learning: walking breaks are going to be paramount to my success in running while pregnant. It's all about taking it slow and steady!

With the run out of the way early, I had some errands to run.

Yesterday, I treated myself to a lavish wig splitting appointment (not really lavish, but badly needed - NASA called me to say they could see my roots and split ends from the International Space Station), and ended up looking something like this:

NASA told me they can still tell from outer space that I'm not a natural blonde, though.

Since getting your wig split is the coolest thing to do on summer break, BaxterCat begged me to take her to the groomer for a cut, too.

Sidebar: Ok, she didn't beg me. In fact, we had Epic Showdown 2011 as I fought to get her in the carrier. She ran and hid under the bed from where she continued to hiss at me until I lured her out with treats, which is oddly the same thing Kevin does with me when he wants me to come run errands with him at night. But I digress. Eventually, I put a mini-kitty leash on her, and we happily angrily departed for Mel's Groom Room where she was to hang for a bit while I went shopping for the elusive grey pumps I need for some upcoming fancypants events.

Three hours and one hot pair of Nine West heels later, I picked Bax up and headed home for a Cat Fashion Show. She wasn't amused and would only let me snap a few pics of her new 'do:

Always too good to look at the camera when Mom asks. I bet if Tyra Banks showed up, Baxter would don some stilettos and "smile with her eyes".

She wasn't too good, however, to NOT sniff on her Dad's dirty soccer laundry. Sick.

She's real skinny in the summer without any hair, but much happier and mat-free in the long run.

The rest of tonight and this week is shaping up to be swell:

  • Some bachelorette party shopping for my friend Cristi & So You Think You Can Dance tonight!
  • Hot running date with Megan tomorrow
  • BBQ at our friends', Jeff & Trudy, house later tomorrow
  • Friday: Cristi's party & off to the Lake with Kevin and Co. to celebrate the 4th!

Baxter Wants Some Interwebz Friends, too... .
-Do you have any pets? If so, what are they & what are their names?

OR - Tell me about something fun you did today!

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