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Back on the Playing Field

Hellooo blog friends, I've missed you!

The 3rd week in the OR was rough--I was feeling incredibly sleep deprived and under the weather, so the name of the game was to endure. Friday night I got it all out singing some Alanis at karaoke (You Oughta Know= best stress reliever ever). Hubs and friend rocked out to Audioslave, and the hubs and I also sang our fave duet- "Jackson" by Johnny Cash + June Carter. I know, nauseating.

Saturday I had class, then went for a much needed hair touch up. My roots thanked me.

Afterwards hubs said he was going to take me to the jeweler to get my rings and necklace cleaned. He's been trying to get me to go for a few weeks and I kept putting it off. I finally agreed and he surprised me by telling me to pick out a piece of jewelry (he had a crazy discount coupon that expired this week)! Behold..

It's a Le Vian raspberry diamond ring w/ strawberry gold. I want to eat it it's so gorgeous. I seriously have the best husband of all time.
Saturday night we went to Mad Mex, which is known for its big margaritas. I skipped the marg last night in favor of delicious mexican food...
Picko de Dippos-

Guac, Avocado-tomatillo salsa, and Black Bean Dip w/ tortilla chips (heaven---all 3!)

Chopped Salad w/ chicken, avocado, corn, tomatoes, cukes, jicama, etc.

After wearing scrubs and a scrub cap for weeks, it's really nice to dress up on the weekends! Dress from a local boutique.

Afterwards we went to see the Hangover part II. I agree with the public consensus, same jokes, different location. I think it was mildly entertaining at best.

This morning I woke up a bundle of nerves, as I had plans to do something I hadn't done in 6 years--play soccer (and speak Spanish)! You'd think it wouldn't be a big deal, but I had a personal falling out with the sport in college and haven't gone back to it... until today. I started playing soccer at age 6, and played on various club/travel teams. In high school I played varsity all 4 years and was team captain. And then, when I headed off to college, I tried out for the women's soccer team, and much to my surprise, I didn't make it. I was devastated, I didn't know anything but the sport. I spent all of my weekends traveling to play it, I'd carved out my identity around it. I tried playing club soccer in college but it wasn't the same. I was frustrated with the players who didn't care, didn't show up to games, and I ended up getting hurt pretty badly because I overstretched myself in a game when only 6 people showed up to play. Ever since that game, I never played again.

This week one of my dear friends asked me to come out and play soccer for a special cause- to encourage exercise and structure for latino children in the community. How could I say no? I found the lone pair of soccer socks and old turf shoes under the bed, and headed out to play. The turnout wasn't great, but I found that I still had decent skill and love of the game. I even scored a few goals. Who knows, maybe I'll return to it in the future ;-).

Well back to studying, then the season premiere of Kardashians. Guilty pleasures are a-OK in my book :-).

What sport(s) did you play in high school? Do you still play now?
I played soccer, indoor, and outdoor track.

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