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A Pregnant Runner's Plan & BumpWatch: Week 10.5

Hey there, friends. Hope you all had a lovely weekend!

You may have noticed that I don't post much on weekends. That's because the husband and I are usually out of town on summer weekends, leaving me little time to update while we're out and about.

I promise though, if anything really extraordinary happens on one of those weekends, I'll treat you to a post. I bet you're excited! :P

Until then, though, I can give you some highlights from this past weekend, which included:

Completing TWO consecutive runs. It's weird to feel happy about this, but since feeling pretty out of my running element lately, I'll take what I can get.

I'm still finding my new pregnancy easy pace, and so this is what I ran:

  • Saturday: 3.34 miles @9:29

  • Sunday: 4.01 miles @9:55

In addition to working on said easy pace, my splits have been weird, too. Either I'm perfectly paced, as in Saturday's breakdown, or wildly inconsistent, like on Sunday.

Guess LBA (Little Baby A., as it'll henceforth be known) is trying to find its comfortable zone, too.

Hanging out on the lake. A ton of Kev's family and friends live on a lake in Fenton (about an hour north of the metro Detroit area), so we've made it a point to get up there and spend some time on the water this summer.

The Plan

One thing I have realized in all of this is that I'm in need of a Plan.

I like Plans. Hell, I enjoy Planning to Plan. It's comes with being a Type-A perfectionist.

Part of the reason for me not getting out to log more miles is that I don't have a Plan right now.

You see, this is the first summer in 3 years that I'm not training for anything special. And when I'm not training, I do nothing.

While part of me is okay with that (again, what other time in my life to do I get to be lazy?), another huge part total misses following a training schedule.

So here's what I've decided to do (get ready; this will shock you!): Make a Plan. My very own "I'm Pregnant But Still Want to Run Kind Of Like I Used To" Plan.

The OTRA Plan to Keep Running

Sunday: "Long Run" Day - Run 1-2 miles longer than any run during the week.
Monday: Rest day or walking day.
Tuesday: Easy run of 3 miles
Wednesday: Easy run of 5 miles.
Thursday: Take a yoga class @ the Rec. I made a goal to take a yoga class back in May and in April. Time to make good on the goal.
Friday: Easy run of 4 miles.
Saturday: Rest day or walking.

Potential Weekly Totals: 18-19, depending on how Long Run day turns out.

I based my Plan on what I used to do for race training minus
-Pace requirements
-Hill workouts
-Speed training

Just running to run. Mileage adjustments may be made as the weeks progress!

In other running news, I've decided to partake in the Fenton Bastille Day 15k, which is in a few weeks on July 16. I ran the Bastille Day race last year, and it was tough but fun. My goal is to run/walk it and just enjoy myself and the day.

A photo from last year, but I don't remember why we were pointing?

BumpWatch 2011

Now that the plan is in place, it's time to intro a new feature to OTRA: BumpWatch 2011!

I'll be visiting my doc every 4 weeks or so for a while, so I plan on posting a bump photo and other fun pregnancy facts that I promise I'll try not to make too gross and TMI.

Since I'm a few days past my last appointment, we'll call this week BumpWatch Week 10.5.

Feeling: Much better this week than I did in the last 6. Nausea's (mostly) gone away, and my energy levels are returning to somewhat normal. (Ok, so I still nap once a day, but when I'm not napping, I feel great!)

Weight Gain: My doctor says 3 pounds. My jeans tell me 5. But hey, she gets paid the Big Bucks, so I believe her.

Cravings: Junk food like Doritos, pizza, red meat burgers (and I haven't had red meat in 3 years!). Others: juicy apples with a little heaping load of carmel dip, cereal, crackers, soup

Aversions: I've been avoiding nut butters like the plague for the last few weeks, but I Manned Up today for a PB & honey sandwich. It was tasty! Others: Salads, yogurt, most healthy stuff.

More on food issues in another post later this week.

Talk Amongst Yourselves: Are you a planner when it comes to workouts or do you just go with the flow and do what feels best for the day? Got any tips when it comes to creating a workout plan - share 'em!

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