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5 Things Friday

1. TOTALLY forgot to talk about this on here, but if you follow me on Twitter then you’ve heard all about it. Awhile back Charles surprised me with tickets to a Manchester Orchestra and Cage the Elephant show. My initial thoughts were: “YES! I love concerts!!” and “Wait, who are they again?!” Of course I had heard of them, and enjoyed a few of their songs on the radio, but I’m by no means a hardcore fan. Basically I was just happy for an adult date.

The day of the concert came and we both realized a few things. It was about 100 degrees, and this was an outdoor concert where you stand or crowd surfed the whole time. A few years ago that wouldn’t faze me, but I’ll be honest, right now it pretty much just seems like torture. Inner monologue went something like this: “Why didn’t I wear supportive shoes.”   “Don’t step on my feet, don’t step on my feet”  “How much beer will BENEFIT my run tomorrow and at what point will it hinder it?”


It cooled down as the sun set. Both Cage the Elephant and Manchester Orchestra gave a great show, but as much as it pains me to admit this: I don’t belong at a head banging, crowd surfing, pot smoking concert. I was more worried about being hydrated for the next days long run then I was about the long haired shirtless sweaty guy on stage. Next time, I’m buying the cd’s and a 6 pack and listening to them with my feet propped up. Unsure whether to file this under: Signs your old or Signs you're a runner.Probably both.

2. One of my favorite things about running is the excuse to eat pizza/insert your favorite splurge here. Unfortunately, as much as I tell myself otherwise, I don’t really *need* pizza the night before a run. In an effort to break the P-Habit, I’ve been tinkering with other meals. Last weekends pre-long run fuel seems to be a keeper.


Charles made some fish tacos that were pretty much amazing. If fact,honey if you are reading this, I’d like them again tomorrow.

3. This week I’ll be working on a new page for my blog. It will be all about the Rock n Roll Las Vegas get together. If you’d like information on the huge blogger/twitter dinner the night before the race then leave a comment here and I’ll put you on the list. For those of you going to the summit thing, don’t worry, you can do both. The times don’t conflict.

4. This weekend my dear friend and coach, Adam:The Boring Runner is going to knock out a 3:15 marathon. Go by and wish him luck please. (just click on his name)


5. GIVEAWAY: still time to win an amazing piece of jewelry from The Silver Maple. Click HERE to enter.You can use promo code “ENDURE” to receive 20% off your order.

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