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PTSOTW: Kalamazoo Marathon Edition

If you've been following this blog for a day, a week, maybe a whole month, then you know that I heart you.

You might have also noticed that I do a little feature called PTSOTW, or Point-Two Song of the Week.

Quick backstory: PTSOTW was born after I ran my first marathon and listened to The Killers' "All These Things That I've Done" in the last .2 miles of the race. I wanted to share songs that inspire, warm hears, or just rock. And hence, PTSOTW.

With the Kalamazoo Marathon now under my belt, I feel the need to recognize the top tunes heard during the race.

Without further ado, here they are:

Adele: "Rolling in the Deep". This song lights a fire in my guts. There's something soul-stirring about it that makes me want to kick-ass and take names when I listen to it. Her voice is electric, the tempo smooth yet heavy. This song kicked off the first mile of the race.

30 Seconds to Mars: "This Is War". C'mon, that title alone should get you amped up to run! If not, you can always bask in the glory that Jared Leto, a.k.a, Jordan Catalano (swoon) is singing. Granted, he's an older, more douchier version of himself, but what girl didn't want to take a ride in his red convertible back in 1995?

I don't remember at what point in the race I heard this one, but the lyrics are tremendously amazing for any point, really.

Lady Sovereign: "Love Me or Hate Me". Thanks, dear Paula, at Eat, Watch, Run for this suggestion. I'm a super nerdy white girl who has trouble staying on top of good hip-hop, so I was happy when Paula put this one out there. Ironically, Lady Sovereign is a white chick, too. Maybe she can email me some hipster tips one day.

Florence + the Machine: "Dog Days are Over". I have been in love with Flo this year. Homegirl can sing. Totally underrated group. The lyrics to this one are amazing, and methinks I hear a little handclap in there once in a while. Handclaps > real percussion instruments. Also, Handclaps > (almost) Jordan Catalano.

Mumford & Sons: "The Cave". Ok, I know that I'm double dipping here, but this song is just that good. The intro's a tad slow, but when you're hoofing up a hill at mile 25, who cares? Someone could've been playing the bag pipes at that moment, and I may or may not have noticed.

And this lyric: "and I will find strength in pain" gets me every. single. time.

Music is so utterly important to me while running. If I didn't have it, I'd be stuck with only the thoughts in my head, and that could be dangerous.

(Case in point: I once sang the Golden Girls theme song to myself while completing the run leg of my sprint tri last year because we couldn't wear headphones. Yeah, weird. But somehow, it worked.)

I Love New Music... so feel free to share some today, tomorrow, or any day! Pop, rock, country, techno, rap, etc. Whatever you've got, I want it!

Bonus *Very Important Question*: Who was your TV show crush? I mean, besides Jordan Catalano and all.

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