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Lazy Dayz & Marathon Rewards

Today's Workout: day #3 of resting post-Kalamazoo Marathon.

I wanted to start posting my daily workout a lá SkinnyRunner, but in my after-race glow, I completely forgot. Plus, let's be honest here, I've done zip, zero, zilch since I crossed the finish line on Sunday.

While I'm still pretty sore from the race, I'm surprised at how much better I feel as compared with the aftermath of running Detroit in 2009. Three days post-race there I'm pretty sure that I couldn't move around as well as I could today.

It took me hours just to walk to the restaurant, and even then I'm pretty sure I had to lean on this chair to keep my legs from giving out underneath me.

Although "moving around well" is a relative term. I still hobble down stairs enough for a student to ask me today if I needed help getting to class. Aww, that was sweet.

I hope to get back outside and do something active by the end of this week, even if it's just a few laps around the block for a nice, leisurely walk. I seriously applaud and envy those of you out there who go for recovery runs of 2, 3, 4, 10, 17 miles. You're amazing!

In the meantime, my wallet hasn't been too shy about getting off its rumpus and spending some dough.

I wanted to indulge a little bit as a reward for running Marathon #2.

So I did. And, oddly, all of the rewards have to do with feet. Coincidence or just my sheer obsession with shoes and cute nail polish with which to cover my disgusting toes?

Reward #1: New Adidas Running Shoes. While I won't do actual runs in these, I'll wear them to go for walks or cross train in. Additionally, the colors are fun so I feel kind of like a cool hipster. Nothing wrong with a 27-year-old reaching for that last ounce of hipsterism.

Andplusalso, they are called "Marathon". Fitting, huh? Got them on sale at the Adidas outlet for around $50.

Marathon Reward #2: Cute cheap sandals from Target. I've been stalking eyeing Julie's Fashion page over at Peanut Butter Fingers, and she always has super cute sandals on. Since we know that I'm fashionably challenged, I have to steal inspiration from somewhere. So I did. And bought these.

For $15, I scored these little diddies on a Target run last night. They're technically gold, but a very neutral gold, so I don't have to worry too much about coordinating them with outfits.

Marathon Reward #3: Sally Hansen nail polish in Jade Jump. I couldn't resist the springy seafoam color (again, it's somewhat neutral), and I desperately need to take care of my jacked up piggies. C'mon, runners, you know what I'm talking about: deformed calluses, black toenails. I'm literally walking around on the remains of two bad horror movies.

I just hope this stuff will magically cover (some) of it up.

Help Me Out... What are some of your go-to fashion tips? Where do you find affordable, easy-to-wear items for work and play?

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