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Hats Off To the End of The World!

Le sigh.

It's always sad when a weekend comes to an end. Especially when the next day begins a surgery rotation...
This weekend, although deemed to be "the end of the world," was the sunniest weekend I think we've had all year. Go figure.

Friday night I went to the med school's annual senior production: Scope and Scalpel: Intussusception. Scope + Scalpel is a tradition where the graduating seniors write, direct, and star in a musical about medical school, complete with medically related songs based on popular music. Here's a clip from last year's show, Cialis' Wonderglands:

The show was hilarious! The 4th years did a great job. Next year it'll be my class in the production, crazy to think! The seniors graduate tomorrow so, although we've been "4th years" for a few weeks now, we really will be the new senior class, and 1 year to date away from becoming MDs!

Saturday I had lecture in the AM, then went for a nice (sunny) run in the PM (5 miler) and went to Gillian's house for a Preakness/End of the World shindig.
Obviously at the end of the world you must wear pretty dresses and fancy hats. For reals.

Dress and hat from Urban Outfitters , sandals from Steve Madden

Someone didn't get the fancy memo..

That's (a little) better..

So we waited for the inevitable to come around 9 pm... ..

And being as I'm still here, I think we're all ok ;-).

Today I was running on empty in the motivation department, until the hubs suggested a walk to thet bank to get some moulah for laundry. And you know what's conveniently on the way to the bank? Oh Yeah! Ice Cream Shop. I got a sugar free vanilla ice cream w/ twix and banana, hubs got a soy cookie dough ice cream w/ nutella and cap'n crunch. They escaped the camera lens due to the lightning speed we consumed them with, but I did snap a pic of the "mix-in" menu

It's a little blurry so here are the hi-lights: grape jelly, magic, maple syrup, superfood, goat cheese, bee pollen, wasabi, bacon, candy corn, and froot loops. Yeah.

I finally summed up the motivation to go on a run (the sun was too good to pass up!) for 6 miles. Now it's time to get ready to kiss my free time goodbye!

(Hopefully) see you soon! Wish me luck as I become a perma-fixture in the OR for the next 6 weeks...

If you could mix anything into your ice cream, what would you pick?

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