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Dear Tricia, remember these 3

Today I am laying low, recovering from yesterdays procedure. I would bore you with the details, but it was actually pretty simple. They burned off the outside sheath of the nerve in my heel. Ok, that actually sounds terrible. :) Maybe I WILL go into details next week.

For today though, something else. As most of you know, I've lost 120+ pounds. If you're new to my blog,you can find some pretty cool before and after pictures HERE.

Right now I wanted to pop in and remind MYSELF, and hey-maybe a few of YOU if you need it, my healthy living truths. This is how I lost weight, and this is how I strive to stay healthy.

3 Simple Steps

1. Eat good food,

2. Eat it in appropriate portions,

3. And Move your body.

Hope you have a happy, healthy weekend!

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