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I have been wanting to spruce up my blog FOREVER! I liked the clean lines of it before, but I felt it was a little too dark. It didn't really have much of a header, and ultimately just didn't feel like "me".

When people visit my blog for the first time I wanted them to be able to get a quick visual about my story. My blog names SOUNDS like purely a running blog, but I feel like my weight loss story is as much a part of this blog as my running. But I had no clue how to illustrate that. I was tossing around ideas on twitter when the lovely Super Kate tossed out the idea of a series of silhouettes similar to the evolution ones. Instead of ape to caveman to human it would be heavy girl, to plump to thin runner. I LOVED the idea instantly, but had no idea how to implement it.

Luckily for me, Misty from "Life Off the D List", stepped in to help. I gave her a basic concept and she went with it. Seriously, I said "I'm not super girly, but I want it to be bright" and somehow she hit upon a color (teal) that I LOVE.

She came up with the idea of the last picture being a real picture instead of silhouette and snagged that running one off an old post.

sidenote: yes people, terrible form. Leaning way back, heel striking,excessive arm movement. Got it. But instead of focusing on those negatives, instead focus on hey-I'm smiling, and have a cute skirt :)

I'm still making minor adjustments, figuring out whats important to include in the sidebar without making it look cluttered. I've gone from a 3 column to a 2 column, no need to smother you with stuff.

Overall, I'm super thrilled with it. It just feels more "me".

If you need a header, or button for your blog shoot Misty an email:

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