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And then I woke up

I've had a few pretty vivid running dreams recently. The first one was regarding Rock N Roll San Antonio. Anyone that knows me, knows that is my redemption race. It's super important to me this year and I guess all that focus is spilling over into my dreams. Ummm... we have several MONTHS until the race, its a little early for the weird dreams.

Last week I dreamed I woke up late on race morning. The alarm didn't wake me up, what DID wake me up was itchy legs. I had apparently slept in my compression socks and somehow ended up having a weird reaction to them. I jumped out of bed and peeled off my socks to find a crazy nasty super itchy rash on my lower legs. Of course I was semi-freaked out that I was going to be running and itching,but I didn't have time to dwell on it.

I didn't have time to use bodyglide, eat or even go to the bathroom. I just threw on my clothes and we ran out the door. On our way to the shuttle I realized that somehow I hadn't even picked up my packet yet. Charles frantically went searching for my packet while I tried to make the shuttle. I had to run UP! a super steep hill to reach the shuttle and I just barely made it on.

At the start I had to search around for Charles, but I couldn't ever find him. I decided I would just run it. There was no way I was missing my race. I ended up being the LAST person to cross the start line, but I decided not to let it psych me out.

I was doing it! So what if I wouldn't have an 'official' time (since I didnt have a timing chip), I would just go off of my garmin time.

And then I looked down and realized: I had forgotten my garmin.

At that point I woke up from the nightmare. And vowed to cut back on the afternoon coffee.

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