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The Final Countdown (?)

Sometimes it feels like I'm living my life from one countdown to the next. Countdown to finishing a clerkship. Countdown to becoming a fourth year. Countdown to graduation. Everyone is tumbling head over feet towards the common goal of earning the illustrious MD, and sometimes it's hard to stop and just, well, be.

This coming week is the last one before I start the most taxing (and last) clerkship: Surgery, and I know that no matter how much I "live it up" this week- it's going to come, and linger, and go--and I'll be one step closer to applying to residency, interviewing for residency, and matching at a residency. Absolutely nuts to think about! Someone once told me that life is always happening (even in school), and I should live it day by day. I would love to take this advice, but it's so hard when I see the light at the end of the tunnel--employment, a degree, a new life--and crave it. Being an intern/resident will certainly be the hardest time of my life, but sometimes I think the anticipation and preparation is worse (and more anxiety provoking). So I'm living life, and trying to get through each day knowing that the next day I am one step closer to my ultimate goal. What am I doing in the meantime?

Exhibit A: Pediatric Career Night. AKA going and rubbing elbows with pediatricians and other future pediatricians and desperately wishing I could just be one already ;-)

So much fun. Reinforced my decision (not that I was wavering) to go into peds. I love how normal and nice everyone is :-).

Exhibit B: Girls night at Salt of the Earth (NaCl). Sometimes you just need to blow off steam with unlimited chats and food. Bonus if the food is delicious!

I got the tilefish w/ "couscous" (which I think was more like orzo), coconut, cheddar, and pomegranate sauce. Out of this world.
We shared white chocolate panna cotta w/ goat cheese (!) ice cream, granola, and pistachios which was unlike any dessert I'd ever had--and uniquely delicious.

The service was great, the food was unique in presentation and flavor, and I think we all had a great experience. Thanks Salt ;-).

This weekend hubby and I tentatively plan to go back to our alma mater for Alumni Weekend. I haven't been back in ~2 years so it should be interesting!

See Dad, I am l-i-v-i-n-g.

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