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She Runs L.A

My training schedule was telling me to do a 5-mile tempo run tonight, but I totally skipped out on that one.

Instead, I competed in the Nike She Runs L.A. 10k challenge!

Way more fun than a plain old 5-miler. And... it was free to enter, thanks to a coupon that I received from Monica at Run, Eat, Repeat. (Thanks again, Monica!) I love races, but I really love free races.

The cool part about the challenge was that I didn't have to hoof it all the way to L.A. from MI to compete, although I would've if I could've. Participants only needed to run a 10k in their local 'hood while wearing some piece of Nike+ Gear.

I have a Nike+ SportBand that I haven't used much since I got my Garmin 305 watch, so I used that to track the run that I did on the treadmill at the Rec tonight.

Time: 55:32, and I'm currently sitting in 297th place (out of 974) as people continue to upload their runs to

In addition to competing against ladies from all over the U.S., I got this super cute tank for signing up:

Which I later modeled at a post-race solo fashion show in our currently poorly lit bedroom:

This was the first "digital" race I'd done, and, with the exception of not having anyone on the sidelines cheering me on, it was pretty fun. Knowing I was running against nearly 1,000 others who were somewhere in the U.S. made a potentially boring training run a bit cooler.

Now it's time to nom on my favorite post-race food - pizza! - and get ready to tear up for Michael Scott's departure on The Office (sadface).

I just hope he goes out with a bang! (That's what she said)

Questions: Are you an Office fan? Will you miss Michael Scott after tonight, or are you looking forward to the show taking a fresh spin?

Ever done a digital race? Which one? Did you enjoy it?

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