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Royal Escapism


It's been brought to my attention that today marks the date of a very special, very royal occasion:

On the Road Again's 100th Post!
Oh, wait. That's not what you had in mind? No worries.

While you figure out what to send me in celebration of writing 100 very average but somewhat heartfelt posts, I'll entertain you with coverage of that other royal celebration.

I hopped out of bed excitedly at 6 a.m. to shower and catch the end of the Prince Wills-Kate Middleton ceremony. I drooled over Kate's gorgeous dress:

And watched as she became England's newest Duchess (while noticing that William looks so much like my ex-boyfriend from college... no joke! Too bad he wasn't a prince, though.) I yelled at Kevin to wake up, that he was missing the coverage, but I'm pretty sure he was dreaming about yesterday's NFL draft, not what it would be like to become a flippin' Princess.

And felt my heart thump a little when Prince Harry's lovely gingery goodness flashed on screen from time to time. (That jawline... my god.) And prayed that the Middleton family might send me some of their Incredibly Good-Looking Genes. That's a gorgeous family.

And later, when I got home from work, I ran to my Mac to watch the coverage of the First Royal Kiss:


It was a lovely, lovely wedding.

I even let the kidlets in my first and third hours watch a few snippets of it. Nothing wrong with a little Royal Escapism now and then, eh?

Events like this remind me that it's ok to forget about other problems for a while, and to just enjoy the pure and simple beauty of a multi-million dollar wedding.

(Obviously, I didn't take the above photos, as my invite to the shindig obviously didn't make it across the Pond in time. Darn.)

I did take this one, though, of the yumm-diddly-scrumptious scone I had for breakfast to celebrate the wedding:

Back here in Stately Michigan, the hubs and I will enjoy our marriage as we work to clean up around the house and fit in our final 8-mile long run before the Kalamazoo Marathon next Sunday.

Our main weekend project includes sprucing up this mess:

Our sad, sad lawn.

Yeah, that's basically a dirt patch. Pretty sure we're supposed to have grass instead.

Hopefully, we'll get rid of all of these weeds:

And replace this 3-year-dead tree with a pretty Japanese Maple:

If we are able to grow anything, I'll post some after photos at some point.

Happy Weekend, friends!

Weekend Warrior: What's on your to-do list this weekend?

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