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Long Run Treadmill Lamecakes

Today's run was rough. Kevin and I were scheduled to do 16, which would normally not be a problem, except the weather report looked like this:

And there was one of these issued for today, too:

Local forecasts called for 40-45 mile per hour winds. Grossssss. Extra nasty.

At first, we were going to brave it. What's a little wind, right? Then Kevin stepped outside momentarily and came in looking absolutely frightened. And if he can't deal with wind like that, then I knew my cold-blooded self wouldn't deal well at all.

So we had a choice: be miserable in the wind outside, or hoof it to the Rec and get our 16 in on the treadmill.

We opted for the latter. (I was disappointed because just yesterday I swore off dating Tread Mill, and here I was, back at it for what would likely be another lousy date.)

I figured I'd break up what would most likely be the most boring 2.5 hours of my life by running legs of 6, 6, and 4 miles. Having mini milestones always helps me through long distances both physically and mentally.

The first 6 went ok; I took a break at the end and drank some water and downed an orange Gu. I felt ok, if a little out of it.

I spent the next 6 miles trying to keep myself on track mentally. Watched some meatheads deadlift hundreds of pounds. Watched some old people try to figure out how to use the elliptical. Watched Kevin effortlessly glide through his miles on the mill next to mine.

When the 60 minutes were finally over, it was time for another break. Only 4 more to go! I thought. You can do it!

But as I walked normally in a drunken haze to the water fountain, I knew I was done. Finito. Dunzo.

My brain, my legs, and my lungs had all checked out at the 12-mile mark, like my senior students do just before Spring Break.

With my head hung low, I stopped by Kevin's mill, where he was nearing 16-mile completion and told him I was out. He gave me a thumbs up and told me he'd meet me up on the track when he finished.

Walking another mile or so upstairs on the track, I felt angry at myself. How could I not finish a slow 16-miler? I've been there, done that before.

I guess it just wasn't in me today. Luckily, there are still 21 days to Kalamazoo, so I'll have to find dig deep and find it by then.

Megan Wants to Know... How do you deal with bad running days? What makes you feel better?

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