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The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly

  • I've been laying low the last week or so, taking time to wrap my head around the outcome of Tuesdays 20 miler. It definitely wasn't a "win", but there were enough positive points to it that I can't call it a total fail either.


  • Fueling/hydration: I focused on eating more carbs the whole DAY before the run as opposed to just the night before. Additionally, I've found that a larger breakfast (oatmeal and a piece of toast) helps me energy wise. We ran with Cytomax because that's whats offered on the Rock n Roll race courses. The TASTE was horrible, but I'm happy to report it didn't cause any GI issues. We Gu'd every 4 miles. That may seem pretty GU heavy, but after much tinkering that seems to be what works best for us. We tested out the new Island Nectar's GU Roctane flavor. It's the energy gel equivalent of a Mai-Tai (minus the alcohol), I thought it was super tasty.

  • Gear: We wore/used all the same gear we would on race day. After a few adjustments (my bottoms almost fell off), we settled in and are confident in our gear choices.
  • Head: I often get super nervous when I attempt new distances, but last Tuesday I was calm and collected. I was uber positive about the 20 miles. There wasn't any doubt that I could finish it.
  • Energy: I felt GREAT! My legs still felt fresh at mile 15.


  • Knee: You may remember that I've been having some knee pain since the previous 18 miler. It seems to be my IT band so I have been religiously foam rolling, icing and stretching. I took some time off after that run and the 20 was my first LONG run back. My knee started complaining at mile 3.
  • Called short: Once again, I went ahead and ran through the pain. At mile 15 it quit on me. TOTALLY stopped working. I tried to run and literally fell down. Got back up, tried again and fell to the ground. I repeated this a few times before FINALLY being smart enough to call the run. Thank goodness I run with my husband, without him I wouldn't have made it back to our truck. It really sucked to have to call the run when I was so close to goal, but at that point the decision was out of my hands.

  • Steroid shot:I went to the doctor the following day and got a cortisone shot in my knee. Fun stuff. The doctor seemed to think that a couple of days off, some anti inflamatories and the cortisone shot would do the trick. Today is day 5 off.

Rock n Roll San Antonio is two weeks away. I'm faced with the decision of how to handle my taper. Do I run vs. rest. How much will I lose by not running vs. how much healing will I gain by resting. Decisions, decisions... ... .

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