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Sunday's run

Did my standard run to the York Golf & Tennis Club and back - a mile into my run I wondered why it hadn't alerted me yet that I reached the Mile 1 split only to realize it wasn't tracking distance, just time (b/c I turned it on inside - rookie mistake). So I don't have an accurate gauge on the exact distance but mapmyrun shows it as 11.9. The total time was 1:48:37, so roughly 9 min miles. My fastest was 8:30 at mile 6 on Indian Rd., which is the midway point. For some perspective, when I returned from Montana I did this same run in 1:39:12; on 09/02 (in 95 degree heat) in 1:50:29; and on 09/09 I did it in 1:43:23.

It's obvious my body is still recovering from 26.2, though I did burn another 1,528 calories this morning.

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