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Sunday's 20.49

Set out to do my long run yesterday - my last one before New York - so I ran to Long Sands Beach in York, turned around at Nubble Rd., and returned home. Great run - in fact, my best training run of that length, ever. Cheryl and the kids met me at Long Sands shortly after I turned around at mile 12 and gave me a banana, a Gatorade and lots of support.

Finished in 3:11:02, or 9:19 min mile but my moving time was 3:07:55, or 9:10 per mile as I stopped for about 2:30 when I saw the family and also took two very quick bathroom breaks along the way. Felt great afterwards, and relaxed by the fire and watched some football while I recovered. I feel ready for NYC - I now have three 20 milers in the bank (including one full 26.2) over the last five weeks. My cardio is where I'd like it to be and my quads/calves/hammies feel great today - zero soreness whatsoever. This must be the first time I've run 20 and not been sore the next day.

I love running along the beach, so calming and restorative. I wanted to continue up Nubble Rd all the way to the lighthouse as it has a steady incline for several miles but this run called for 20 so I wanted to stick with the plan. Next long run after NYC, however, I will.

Also, this morning I had my annual physical. Good results, blood pressure is an excellent 121/68 though I weighed in at a very healthy 180 - I would like to be 168 as a comfortable, everyday weight. I will get there.

Tomorrow I go for my blood work, and excited to compare to years prior.

Also as an aside, I told my physician about my running and turns out she used to be a marathon runner but now mostly plays tennis and cycles due to plantar fascitis. In fact she used to run on the men's track team at MIT back when they didn't have women's running and founded the female running club, but she used to run with - get this - Joan Benoit Samuelson on the Liberty Running Club back in the '70's. Even beat her in the mile. Turns out JBS didn't even run at Bowdoin, she played field hockey, and didn't begin running in earnest until after she graduated and started getting serious about the marathon. Found that fascinating.

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