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Stolen Miles

Update on nerve pain:
Friday morning I went to an anesthesiologist to have a nerve block done on the sural nerve in my heel. This was the first in a series of three injections. They are supposed to "calm" the impinged nerve. If these work then I can avoid surgery. So far, I don't feel any improvement after the first injection. I go back in tomorrow morning for a second one. Wish me luck!

Yipeeeee for new shoes:

I've been in the Brooks Defyance 3s for a couple of months. I LIKED them, but didn't LOVE them. In an effort to find LOVE, I hit up the running store for some new shoes. I came out with these lovelies:

They are the Brooks Ghost 3s. I took them out for 13 miles on Saturday and so far my feet are HAPPY HAPPY.

I'll post a full review once I have a few more miles on them.

Stolen miles:

We've only been running 3 days a week and cross training 3 days a week, in accordance with our training plan. (One speed, one tempo, one long) The low frequency is supposed to keep me from being injured further, but it also keeps me from seeing high mileage weeks. Of course we all like to see the numbers climbing, but mine are usually capped.

Well, last week I stole some miles from this weeks plan. I went ahead and ran my long run a day early bringing me to my FIRST ever 40+ mile (4 day run) week. It was nice to finally see some decent mileage and I felt great.

The 3 running day/week plan is very deliberate on my part, I'm focused on preventing further injury. However, it does leave me longing for a run on those off days. I think "wanting more" is a good thing.

Rock N Roll San Antonio:

I've been in contact with a few of you, but I need to pin down some numbers. If you are running Rock N Roll San Antonio and would like to get together the night before for carbs then shoot me an email:

Does your plan leave you "wanting more"? or do you feel burnt out?
Brag about your BEST running week ever, I'd love to hear about it.

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