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Seven Samurai

Did seven miles this morning before participating in not one but two Taekwondo demonstrations with my son. Finished in 1:04, putting me at a 9:15 min overall pace - just enough to keep loose and work up a sweat. Burned 996 calories.

Taekwondo has become an incredible means of cross-training - the short bursts of speed, the flexibility required, but most importantly the mental discipline and focus. One improves the other - the more I run, the greater my VO2MAX threshold becomes and hence I have more endurance for martial arts and sparring. The more I spar, the quicker I become, the sharper my decision making/ability to counter becomes, and lighter on my feet I feel. Running is a mental game; Taekwondo both works the mind and body simultaneously with demanding rigor.

But what makes Taekwondo special and truly enjoyable is the fact that I do it with my son. He is one of the youngest members on the Demo team, traveling around the Seacoast putting on martial arts exhibitions.

We're both currently green belts, and hope to test for our blue belts this December.

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